To the Editor:

It seems that most of the news is about sequestration. I believe the amount they are arguing about is $85 billion.

My question is, why do we give the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt $250 billion? That would cover the $85 billion shortage and pay off a fair chunk of our national debt.

Why are we borrowing billions and then give it away to people who hate us? Why? I have not heard a single politician mention this terrible waste of money.

I think the public should wake up and demand that the elected politicians do their job and sworn oath of office or get rid of them. I for one will not vote for anyone who does not even mention this great theft that is being set up for our grandchildren to pay.

I pray that the American public will wake up and get rid of the trash that is not doing the job we elected them to do.

retired USAF Col. Joe C. Boyer

Harker Heights

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I have to agree with all the Col. has written, Why are we being forced to give money to those who hate us ,burn our flag, kill our diplomats, and a large part of the people in those countries want all of us dead. Although, even this is a stupid thought on their part, since these people have had to have some kind of assistance from the American people by use of their military or their tax dollars.

Its not the majority of the people who are willing to donate to these countries, but we are in a fix at the moment, by having leaders who are more then willing to make the people of the U.S. suffer, in order to give to those who should after their years of being a country, have figured out how to handle all things by themselves.

I don't want to help anyone else out until my own people have all they need, if they are willing to work for it .
1st we take care of our own.

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