To the Editor:

To the parents of students at upper level schools:

I passed through a school zone during the midday lunch break this week. Many of your kids opt not to eat lunchroom fare. They flee in a rush for any of several places barely in range of their time allotment. This choice puts them at risk in traffic.

The obvious and well-known effects of the high-salt, high-sugar, high-fat, low-nutrition junk is evident in jean sizes. Low-quality food has a detrimental impact on us all.

Parents, if it is OK for your kids to go to these places, tell them it is not OK to trash the streets, sidewalks, school grounds.

They literally run to place an order, then graze walking back. The trash is simply dropped or thrown.

Just notice the paths used at lunch at any school. It’s only the second week.

Maybe they learned this at home. Maybe a social studies class should harvest the trash and do statistical study. Calculate the costs of trash removal and add to cost of cheap junk food. Send the bill to those places.

Maybe just get kids to have a little pride in themselves and school and country.

Archaeology is based on bits of daily life left by past generations. Imagine what they will think of us someday. “That society seems to have made daily offerings to the gods of plastic, styrofoam. Deposits of salt and grease are often associated with what may have been sacred places.

“Youth may have been fattened for sacrifice. There is evidence of reduced intelligence.”

Pick up your trash.

Wayne Duncan


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"Archeology is based on bits of daily life left by past generations..."

To be fair, any future society studying us might be more likely to wonder about our Walmarts and sports arenas than the fast food debris we leave around.

Dr Strangelove

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er, you usually have great comments but here’s my opine I didn't this post below, sorry.

Dr Strangelove

Man my dyslexia is showing; "I didn’t post this." [sad]

Dr Strangelove

Wayne, if this all the problems you have is some teens littering—get a life. You sound just like an angry vegetarian that wants to be the food police and rule our lives. Are you a mind reader? How do you know what these kids are running too or from? Has it been reported to the Police by KISD that this is an accident problem? No doubt in my mind if this was dangerous KISD would close the Campus. Is this a major tardy problem with KISD? If so that’s between KISD, Parents, and Students involved—not yours. Now you want to shut down lunchtime monies to some businesses because of some litter and food you don’t like—you should mind your own business and stop trying to be the FOOD dictator—it’s a free country last time I’ve checked. And yes even Students are free to go to lunch where they want.
God Bless America.


It's not okay to point out a problem? In my experience, problems don't get fixed if no one points them out.

Thankfully, I don't live near a school, so I haven't noticed this specific litter issue. However, I do see litter around town. I've never assumed it was students; just a fraction of every age group.

It's okay to take pride in our town and wish for less litter, but I think Mr. Duncan introduced too many topics in this particular letter (safety, nutrition, fitness, litter, archeology, just to name a few).

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Time for closed campus...
Yes, the local businesses won't like it, but it is time.
Students don't have enough time at lunch to go off of campus, eat and get back to school on time.
Maybe less tardies, accidents and no more littering at lunch time.

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