To the Editor:

It has happened again. A mass shooting of innocents. It is not being called a terrorist act and yet that is exactly what it is. Terror is the tactic of making people afraid to continue their lives in ordinary ways.

Killing children in school is the worst kind of terrorism there is.

What is more terroristic than to be in school or in a mall Christmas shopping or in a theater to watch a movie and having someone begin shooting and killing strangers?

Was not the shooting at Fort Hood a terroristic shooting or the massacre at Luby’s? I would say yes.

Yet we cannot have a civil conversation about the nearly 300 million guns in the United States; why there needs to be so many and what type to keep out of civilian hands.

We cannot decide even whether a presumptive gun owner should have to go through some rigorous licensing before they obtain a weapon.

We are far more cautious about obtaining marriage licenses and driver’s licenses.

I am angry that there are those who would say that if someone in the school or the mall or the theater had a weapon, everyone would have been protected.

I am angry that most people think that killing a human being is easy or doesn’t have a psychological cost.

To stop the madness we must converse with each other and tell the NRA and the gun manufacturers to back off until the conversation is finished.

Glenda Turck


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Expresssing opinions is both debate and argument. What I think is beyond your ability to determine. However, you have received my messages and I hope you act upon them, and stop trying to stomp on the rights of others with your demogoguery and empty rhetoric. Happy New Year to you.


Expressing an opinion isn't an argument. But someone here thinks it is & clearly wants the last word. So assault weapons don't really exist, words have meanings, NRA is awesome for having gun safety program, Huffpo is home of liberal arts fascists and Viktor needs to seek psychological help. Happy New Year Bubba!


"Assault weapons" do not exist. This is a fabricated term made up by politicians who have no training in firearms. This term was fabricated by scared politicians and included in the Unconstitutional 1994 "ban" of certain firearms because they "looked scarey". That is how the term came to be. That illegal legislation is now void since 2004, and the term with it. Those who know anything about this topic already know this. Demogogues continue to use this fake term to try to fool others into thinking they know things. They don't. An assault rifle is a select-fire (either fully automatic or burst capable) rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. Assault rifles are the standard service rifles in most modern armies. Assault rifles are categorized in between light machine guns, which are intended more for sustained automatic fire in a light support role, and submachine guns, which fire a pistol cartridge rather than a rifle cartridge. There is no such thing as an "assault weapon".


Clip, vice,magazine whatever! Semantics don't change the intent. No one here is attempting to assign what Bubba believes. Quick someone tell shoppers in the link below that Bubba says there is no such thing as assault weapons! [url removed] Bubba's claim about mental health community not doing their job is hokey. How were those cases diagnosed? Surely the numbers from the CDC on mood disorders, schizophrenia, etc. weren't generated from thin air. Job of mental health community is to diagnose and treat not police pateints to see who has accquired a gun. Threats are reported but no one can predict who has the potential to go haywire. Anyone here imagine what a .223 bullet can do to a small child? NRA and its supporters surely don't want people to think of those images or have them circulated. One look at the gruesome images and the conversation in this country on guns might take a turn that gun lovers don't like.

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Words have meanings; you ned to learn the correct ones to avoid looking stupid. Huffpo? Really? the Home of the liberal left fascists? That's your source? Really? Well, there is no such thing as an "assault weapon". This incident has well established that my views on mental health in America today are spot on, and you are simply uninformed. The mental health community have a duty to report these people to the NICS. Why are you using the bodies of dead children for your argument? What's wrong with you? Seek professional psychological help.


@ Would you gun loving folks please talk about the increase in gun violence in the Killeen, Cove and coming soon to Harker Hts, area?

No one has to be a part of 'gun loving folks' to realize, even if the folks aren't legally allowed any sort of weapon.

There is still going to be gun violence no matter where anyone lives,

No criminal element would ever feel they were stupid enough to hand over any kind of fire arm. So your theory would leave the law abiding citizen helpless but leave weapons,in the hands of the criminal class.

The gun's used to kill the store clerks at the Star mart a few weeks ago, were not I would think, of the type that has so many shook up enough ,that their only thought is to confiscate.
Take away all weapons and you will still have killings,you will not have solved anything,other then to leave a majority completely defenseless.

You are allowing an influence of 'the sky is falling' attitude by a bunch of liberal thinkers to over power logic.


Would you gun loving folks please talk about the increase in gun violence in the Killeen, Cove and coming soon to Harker Hts, area?

Fact is there is no safe place in Killeen, Cove , area to go where you can go and not be shot at or be in great danger even in just driving your auto.

Because of all the gun violence and notice most all the gun violence has a Fort Hood connection as most shooters were active duty or former Ft Hood person.
And most of the gun violence can be traced to the military gang banger quotas being enforced so as the Military became P.C.

Then recently there was the Muslim quota where a Muslim murdered his fellow G.I.s for the Muslims cause and it appears he will never be convicted in the P.CMilitary

And now since the whole military officers corps is being brain washed that the normal is now the un normal and the un normal is now the normal.( they had a gay wedding at West Point)

We can now expect to see an increase in poison murders in the Killeen and Cove area as women and gays prefer poison to loud guns.

It is clear to me that the solution for us all in the Area to be safe is to demand the US military and all of its quota personal be kicked out of the Ft. Hood areas ASAP.

And bring in the Chinese Military as they are as well paid and know what normal is.
The Chinese invented war so they can do a better job for us taxpayers in defending the USA. And they are well paid.

They Chinese has a history of advancing civilization and notice all you gun lovers the Chinese invented gun power.


I don't see where Ms. Turck proposed excluding the NRA from the discussion, just that they need to stop their vigilanty campaign against arming. She also proposed a civil discussion, but is that really possible with you fellows? And Bubba - your "is a right conferred by GOD HIMSELF" sounds much like the speech of a jihadist. Have you told Wayne LaPierre you and not him are the NRA?


Do not again employ the word "jihadist" in relation to me. Obviously, YOU have never read "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." That's from the Declaration of Independence. Maybe you should try reading a book and becoming educated before posting here.


While I do not agree with "muzzling" the NRA (even though I disagree with most of their platform ideas) I do not believe that gun ownership is a "God-given" right.

Perhaps you also agree with the concept of the divine right of kings.


Do not again attempt to assign what I believe. That kind of liberal arrogance is our problem today. Try getting an education, and start with this: [url removed] where it says "The Bill of Rights was created to safeguard various rights that the early Americans wanted to be sure the government could not intrude upon. They believed these rights were "unalienable" and granted by God." Perhaps you shpuld try reading the Declaration of Independence. Just which ideas of the NRAs do you oppose? Safe, responsible firearms ownership? Child safety programs? Women's training and safety programs? Law enforcement training and safety? Instructor training? Mandatory instant background checks that keep guns ut of the hands of the insane? Which programs do you oppose, genius?

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i don't see where the NRA teach Safety by there member leaves the guns out in the open so there kids can get them or theifs can steal them or there members sale them to theifs i had im not a bad person but had two of my friends who are NRA menbers have offer to sell me a gun


The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program teaches children in pre-K through third grade four important steps to take if they find a gun. These steps are presented by the program's mascot, Eddie Eagle®, in an easy-to-remember format consisting of the following simple rules:
If you see a gun:
Don't Touch.
Leave the Area.
Tell an Adult.


I think the writer of letter to editor; is going to have to remain angry. Since the people of the country who are aware of their Constitution Rights as American Citizens ,are not going to stop conversing of what they know is the right thing to do in the possible cause of freedom and safety of the people.
When these rights were fought for so hardily by the people who were part of giving us the freedoms we now hold,Why should the ones of today turn over and agree to giving them away, it wouldn't be and wasn't meant to be, the American Way.

In this area of the state especially, were so many military members, have been to foreign country's were the people were dominated,abused,starved, tortured,murdered,by dictator type leaders,This treatment had to be accepted due to the fact the people of the country, had no protection,only the army, secret police or police forces had any type of arms. The people had to accept any form of treatment given to them.

Our own country has suffered this in the form of dominating treatment when we were subjects of a king,once the king was history, our founders decided, with good cause,never to live like that again, by placing in the peoples hands some form of protection if any ever tried to force the people to submit to them again.

Instead of complaining, any who are citizens of the U.S., should Thank God instead,that we had these fore fathers in our history otherwise we could possibly be under the control of a dominating dictator ourselves.---

Read the book or watch the 2008 movie Defiance,about 3 Russian brothers who happen to be Russian Jews,They had it bad enough being Jewish and under the control of the Soviet Union's government, who had nothing but contempt for them.

But when WW2 commenced and the German army went into the S.U., they were especially looking for the Jews who we all know the treatment the Jews received during WW2 from Germany.

With having no rights from the Soviets,these Jews were not allowed to own any kind of protective weapon except a possible pitch fork if they happen to be farmers. But there was enough difiance among the group to have the good sense to know they would have to protect themselves and any who weren't able to.

All we have to do is look at our own past or at what is still happening today in a lot of countries of the world were our own military (with their guns) have had to go into the areas to try and save the people from the mistreatment that can happen when a people are at the mercy of others.-

A statement was made last week that during WW2 the only reason the Japanese didn't try to forcefully attack the United States was they knew too many processed some kind of fire arm,and knew they would fight back.---


Okay so given that mental issues are the real issue according to Blak9 below then looking at the CDC & National Institute of Mental Health statistics on the millions of Americans with: mood disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar diagnosis & those taking antidepressants, who is to say that there aren't potential shooters waiting to go ballistic? There needs to be a two pronged approach. Mental health system needs to be revamped but so do gun laws especially those that have to do with wait time to acquire weapons, background checks and acquisition of assault weapons. As stated before, no one needs 30 rounds in a clip to hunt Bambi.


Gun laws already require background checks and include those adjudicated mentally defective. The problem is that the mental health community have failed to do their job and these are the results. Punishing millions of law abiding citizens and violating the Constitution is not the proper response. "Waiting periods" have been proven both ineffective and Unconstitutional. There is no such thing as an "assault weapon". You need an education. A "clip" is a thin strip of metal used to hold ammunition; vice a "magazine" which loads ammunition into a firearm. So you really don't know what you're talking about. You do not have the right to determine what my rights are, or what I need to hunt a deer. Nor do you understand the Constitutional principles involved. Come back when you do.


That is your opinon, You really missed the whole point, Who used that weapon to commit the crimes?? I see that you are not familiar with what happens when weapons are purchased,The sad thing is only law abiding people obey laws, You cannot make laws to stop evil, Those people were sick, they have mental problems, but as usual that is over looked, just blame the weapon and NRA for the actions of individuals, That will cure all, Well I guess we had better make laws to make cars Illegal, All knifes, All Bats, Golf clubs, etc, that can be used to kill, It is strange, It is ok for some people to have weapons to do our killing for us, but we cannot have that same individual protect his own are following the script, The media have never brought the Mental issues to the front as of to date, because that is the real issue, not Guns.


@ Well I guess we had better make laws to make cars Illegal, All knifes, All Bats, Golf clubs, etc, that can be used to kill,

Hands will also have to be included in that group of weapons, since that's what the young woman in New York used to push the man to his death onto the train tracks a few days ago.
But her hands weren't her problem,she had to have a form of mental illness.

Dr Strangelove

Glenda are you hearing or reading the same things I am? It wasn’t even eight hours after the Newtown shooting and the gun control people were out there demanding new laws. Reinstating the Clinton so-called Assault Weapons Ban. Its gun grabbers like you that are getting innocent people killed with your feel good laws that don’t work. YOU GUN CONTROL PEOPLE NEED TO BACKOFF!!! We tried your way it doesn’t work look at the data not your emotions.


Apparently, you're comments make it seem you have given yourself the power to decide who has the right to freedom of speech and who does not. That is Fascist. Well, you DO NOT have this power, nor shall you ever have it. We cannot have a civil conversation about these topics while you are stomping on the rights of your fellow Americans. This is the kind of arrogance and tyrannical thinking that started our republic; and some brave farmers stood their ground on Lexington Green against people like you. For your edification, the Constitution is silent on marriages and driver's licenses; these are privileges granted by the state. The Constitution is NOT silent on keeping arms; this is a right conferred by GOD HIMSELF, and codified in our founding document. This also applies to the freedom of speech, the very right you now demand be denied to millions of American citizens who are NRA members. Further, the measures you now prescribe were used by the Nazis and others to deny human beings their fundamental rights. I recommend you spend a little time reading the history of your country and your state, complemented by a review of the Constitution. Maybe then you will have an appreciation of just how Un-American and offensive your comments here are to Real Americans, who believe that all citizens have rights, and that the Constitution reigns supreme in our republic for all of its citizens, not just the arrogant ones who believe they can decide what rights I have and which I don't. I am the NRA.

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Why does the NRA need to "back off"? They were the first group attacked. You think we'd be better off without so many guns around. Well just what would have stopped Nidal Hassan had somebody, finally, not shown up with a gun! Were they supposed to just wait until he ran out of bullets?
An off duty officer stopped a theater shooting in San Antonio just a few days ago. Why has that not been plastered all over the national news? Because it proves, unequivocally, the way you stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun.
Your gun laws are ludicrous. We've already got multiple laws being violated by these people before they ever started shooting. The guy in New York was a convicted felon. He wasn't even supposed to be in possession of a gun. He got his neighbor to buy it for him! (he used a hammer to kill his grandmother, you going to start registering hammers too?) Tell me what good another bunch of scribbling on a piece of paper is going to do to protect anybody.
You leave my constitutional rights to own firearms alone. I'll defend myself instead of wait and hope some nut either runs out of bullets or the cops show up. If you happen to be next to me; I'll protect you too...or not.


How Many People Have You Shoot At. Targets Are Easy You Will Be Dead Before you Get Your Frist Round

Bill of Harker Heights

The conversation about guns and gun control has been going on for decades. The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 and again in 2010 that owning a firearm is an individual right. Why should an individual gun owner or his representive (NRA or other organizations) be restricted from participating in the ongoing conversation. Would you restrict the NAACP from conversations about urban gang violence or Planned Parenthood from the discussion about reproductive rights? You would discuss infringing one right by denying another right?

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