Temple reader argues that Trump has turned ‘swamp’ into ‘cesspool’

To the Editor:

President Trump said over and over he knows only the best people and “I will get the best people for the job.” He also said he would drain the swamp.

Facts: Sec. Tom Price out for graft, Sec. Scott Pruitt out for graft, Sec. Ryan Zinke out for graft, VA Sec. Shulkin out for graft, advisor George Papadopolous jailed, campaign manager Paul Manafort convicted, Gen. Flynn pleaded guilty, Michael Cohen sentenced, advisor Rick Gates pleaded guilty, and Vice President Pence advisors for transition team Bijan Kian and Ekim Alptekin indicted.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson out and Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross are close to being sent packing as well for their ethics violations.

There are at least 16 people associated with the administration that have been indicted, pleaded guilty, convicted or jailed for Russian contacts.

Since Trump became president there has been a 60 percent turnover rate. Even McDonalds has only a 43 percent turnover rate.

There are currently 17 Trump-related investigations. A few of these include Wikileaks, Trump Tower Moscow, obstruction of justice, Russian government’s election attack, inauguration funding, super PAC funding, foreign lobbying, Trump Foundation, emoluments lawsuit, Turkish influence, tax case for a $400 million tax scheme and campaign conspiracy.

Trump’s swamp has turned into an overflowing cesspool.

Pamela Neal


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