To the Editor:

In response to Mr. (Jeffrey) Gorman’s letter (March 1, KDH), the chemical weapons were those the U.S. had supplied to Saddam Hussein in the 1980s against Iran initially but they were not operable anymore in the sense that they degrade soon in time with regard to mass destruction of anything other than to make an individual handler sick.

It is ridiculous to belabor the baselessness about so-called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

There were no weapons of “mass destruction” anymore, but there was oil which is why the U.S. illegally invaded and occupied Iraq, whereas such country had not attacked us.

Also, Bush thus was responsible for the lives of soldiers lost (twice the number of people killed in 9/11) and soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the many thousands of Iraqis and Afghan people.

This led to the void in Iraq and thereby Bush is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State there and the ongoing killings by the latter.

The media focuses on the Islamic State instead of the U.S. leading to the Islamic State.

Moreover, for those who decry that group’s beheadings, we should be horrified about our tax dollar support for Saudi Arabia, which has been beheading many people all this time for such things as adultery, blasphemy, etc. Saudi Arabia never has been a democracy and of the 9/11 hijackers, 15 of the 19 were Saudis.

Anyone who has any problem seeing this should address their questions to Bush, who sent them there for oil, not democracy or any other nonsense.

This is why Bush and some others in his administration cannot even travel out of this country without efforts to arrest them as war criminals. There is a lot of blood on his hands. That is where the focus needs to remain.

Jose Martinez


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This is your brain on MSLSD

Dr Strangelove

Why am i not surprised the same Bush haters are the only ones who comment every time facts are posted. Your god Obama said they found WMDs—so shut up! Oh write your lordship Obama letter and ask him about it since he said they found WMDs in 2014.


P.S. There was nothing "illegal" about our campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Congress of the United States authorized military force against Al Qaeda and approved every step taken in that regard. I know this is difficult for those with limited intellect to understand.

Further, you insult the memories of those lost and the service of our veterans with your smearing, delusional and disgusting comments. For this, you have earned your own individual room in Special Hell, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Eternity is a long time, liberal.

Others who have chipped in here, the usual delusional whackadoodles, can join you there.

Perhaps it's time to deport you types, and have you swim for it. You terrorist lovers will fit right in with ISIS.


not surprising the same two shrub lovers respond. the only two to find WMD. 1400 people couldn't, only these two. maybe there is not a massive comment defending shrub because they majority agrees with the letter writer.


why am i not surprised the same two shrub lovers are only ones who comment and every time allege they found WMDs but 1400 people could not. Where is the massive comments from those who agree with you. Maybe there is none because the majority agree with the letter writer.


Stop spewing lies on the internet.

Al Qaeda, in the form of Ansar Al Islam, took up residence in Iraq in 2001, at their invitation, and began the process of producing RICIN. The United States sent in SF troops to take them out in concert with the liberation of Iraq from Al Qaeda.

In Iraq, we found all the pieces and parts of their program and the evidence that their stockpiles had recently been moved. These are the facts, they are undisputed, and only leftist morons think differently.

The oil in Iraq, along with all of their natural resources, were returned to the Iraqi people through their newly formed government. These are the facts; they are undisputed. So you're either stupid or a liar.

The entity responsible for the lives lost in our campaigns is our enemies, not our civilian leadership. Thoughts like yours deserve public ridicule.

The problems now existing in Iraq and elsewhere in this region are the direct fault of the incompetence of obama and his unqualified band of clowns and fools he has wrecking things. We continue to learn that many of them cannot follow simple rules of law regarding their email traffic.

We do not control the inner workings of Saudi Arabia. If you don't like what they do, send their ambassador a letter, and I am sure your thoughts will get all the attention they are due.

Not sure what "tax dollar" support you are talking about-I suggest that since you are a proven liar, it isn't difficult to believe that you're delusional as well. Most liberals like you are, in fact, not well between the ears.

This is why whackadoodles like you continue to harass others with false "war crimes" charges-people like you belong in rubber rooms.

I'm addressing my comments to you. Seems you don't like my country very much. Why don't you get out of it? Mexico is just a few hours away, and the highways are OPEN.


More b.s. from the left.

Dr Strangelove


Dr Strangelove

WRONG! You were not boots on the ground I can tell that you’re a liberal Bush hating Democrat. WMDs were there I saw them. Also another myth the majority of weapons and WMDs were supplied by the Soviet Union not the United States—you have no facts; stop watching MSNBC and get real News!



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