To the Editor:

I read Rose Thayer’s July 3 article about the potential FBI investigation of the Temple VA.

Rather than a political issue, it is a national scandal that crosses party lines. It needs to be addressed by both parties. I don’t know why she is trying to make it political.

I appreciate Congressman (John) Carter for his past efforts in assisting several hundred of our veterans. In addition, he was instrumental in replacing the leadership at the Temple VA; he supported the bill to make it easier to remove both union and nonunion VA culprits, and he has pushed for a FBI investigation.

Louie Minor, candidate for Congress, is concerned that VA employees might be fearful of a FBI investigation. I care less about their fear than the fear of veterans wondering if they might not get a timely life-saving appointment.

Mr. Minor says Congressman Carter should be investigated because he had prior knowledge of this mess. I assume, therefore, he believes all 535 members of Congress should be investigated for letting the VA get to this point.

He probably wants the president investigated as well to see why he pulled people off processing VA applications to work on “Obamacare” applications. Mr. Minor, it is time for action not a debate. Quit trying to score political points on a nonpolitical issue.

Congressman Carter has done what other conscientious members of Congress of both parties have done and that is to help their constituents. The members thought they were taking care of veterans.

Only in hindsight do we now know they were dealing with symptoms rather than individual cases.

The culture at the VA must change. Let’s work together to change it.

J. Brown


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What!?!? There's a problem at the VA? Wasn't that two years ago... why are we still talking about this?

Well, we better hurry up and get that out of the news before the low-information voters with short attention spans go to the poles in November!

And if that doesn't work, we can always blame Bush, the Republicans or two rogue employees.


@ Louie Minor, candidate for Congress, is concerned that VA employees might be fearful of a FBI investigation.

I'm not worried in the least about Mr. Minor's concern.
If no one is guilty at the Temple VA or any VA hospital, of a crime (of delaying or helping to delay by following orders ,any veteran their benefit of Medical Care) which at times cause them to suffer or further the serious' of their complaint.

Then there is no reason to be in fear or have concern.

Mr. Minor should stop trying to make the poor health care some veterans have had to put up with in the past years ,into a political cause hoping to help his campaign.

It is similar to using the 'little illegal kids' who have suddenly shown up by the thousands at our back door along the southern border, AND Failing to mention the thousands of Adult Men and Women who have been able to get through that back door also.(they themselves were even using the 'little kids' to get in.)

All the American Tax Payer knows is, - They have given more then enough money in tax's made by many of them working their butts off ,to pay all American obligations.

The tax's paid , were to go and pay ALL Expenses to care for the American Peoples duties ,among them, 1 being to take care of Our American Disabled Veterans, and 2 to pay for the American peoples safety net of placing borders along what is marked on maps as belonging to the United States.

The Liberal Politicians in Washington have fought against this Wish of the people and filtered their money away giving it to people in foreign countries Who Hate the American People with a passion and have even killed our Military personal,
Have given it to U.S. Gov.. Agencies to filter away on parties,etc

These politicians have Failed in their own duties, But continue to want the American people to listen to what they have to say, and what they think is the better. I 'm sorry to have to tell any of them this, but to be considered so well educated, many of them don't know their arse from a hole in the ground about certain subjects, that only take a common sense thinker to figure out..

Many have lived among the politicians in Washington too long and have made new friends even if its among those who are completely against what a majority of their constituents would want, and have forgotten ,who put them in their office, and the reason they said they wanted to go there .
And by willing to go to the other side---Many have lost respect from the people who were ,at one time willing to believe in them. Those days are gone for many of us.

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