Temple reader says Texas facing crisis for Nov. 6 general election

To the Editor:

We have a Texas Constitution and election crisis forming for the Nov. 6 general election. Under the Texas Constitution (https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov/) Under Article 4. Sec. 10, Gov. Greg Abbott is charged with the faithful execution of the laws. Under Article 6, Sec. 2 the director of elections, Keith Ingram, is charged with voter qualifications and under Sec. 4 maintaining the purity of the elections.

Keith Ingram has failed Article 6. Sec. 2 by allowing, according to the current DPS database, 280,000 illegal immigrants to be registered to vote in Texas and allowing 4 million registered voters’ records (30 percent) that do not match the database to go unchallenged.

Last year Dr. Laura Pressley discovered Keith Ingram had waived, in violation of Article 1. Sec. 29, the Article 6, Sec. 4 requirement for serialized ballot images to be made and retained for auditing. This makes the quote attributed to Joseph Stalin, “Those who vote determine nothing. Those who count the vote determine everything,” very applicable to Texas.

I think Texas citizens’ votes are being stolen by noncitizen illegal immigrants voting and unprotected central vote counting.

These are grave and emergency problems that must be addressed before the general election. Is Texas going to be a constitutional republic or a banana republic? It is your decision to act or not.

Rayford Brown


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