To the Editor:

It’s bad news for the Second Amendment in Texas. Our state Legislature let us down big-time. That includes both political parties. Despite urging our lawmakers to pass true pro-gun reforms and protections, state lawmakers adjourned after accomplishing virtually nothing to protect our gun rights. Despite all the tough talk, despite “pro-gun” Republican dominance in both chambers, our state Legislature decided to ignore meaningful and urgently needed pro-gun bills. Their to-do list was simple:

Campus Carry — Result: Fail

Allowing law-abiding adult students, faculty and staff to carry their firearms on the grounds of state-run colleges and universities.

Open Carry — Result: Fail

Texas — yes Texas — is one of a dwindling number of states that still outlaws the open carry of firearms.

Oklahoma partially legalized open carry last year, as California outlawed it. But lawmakers in Texas killed open carry early on this year — leaving the state on par with California, New York and other anti-gun bastions.

Second Amendment Protection Act — Result: Fail

One of the most promising and urgently needed bills this year was the Second Amendment Protection Act. This bill simply declared any new unconstitutional federal infringements on your right to keep and bear arms to be unenforceable in Texas. As President (Barack) Obama wages war on your gun rights, he’s using every tool he has access to, even if it means sidestepping Congress and using executive orders to impose his agenda. This bill would have posed a true 10th Amendment challenge to this federal overreach, and protected the Second Amendment rights of all Texans. Texas lawmakers killed this bill, too.

We couldn’t have done worse if we elected our state legislators and senators from New York, Illinois or California. The only thing these politicians hate more than doing their jobs is having to account for their actions. I say hold them accountable. Give them an earful, folks. Then fire them regardless of party affiliation.

Ed Coet


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Dr Strangelove

Bubba and Eliza SPOT ON! However Bubba not olny liberals from other States it's liberal teachers in colleges and public schools that are brain washing Texas kids with their PC garbage.


Parents can fix that.


I agree with a couple of the posters below on the possible bad idea to open carry, Too much of a temptation for some Billy Bad Butt,
to want to make like Billy the Kid and have a fast draw contest.
Yes it has happened (boy did those guys catch heck)

It would be better I would believe, to always have someone wondering if a person is carrying a gun

To make it legal to carry on campus,
We really don't know how many guns are on campus already, And we've only found out others are carrying them after, someone has been shot or killed.

Just because its made legal to carry a gun on campus doesn't mean every single student or teacher will run out and buy a gun.
But they would have come in handy at times, if one had been available when the shooting has started by some nut case and people have been shot or killed.


Well, the problem we have is that our Republic is being infected by liberals from other states, and they are moving into our major cities, turning them both blue and intolerant.

Texans would be well advised to redress this movement by letting these intolerant tyrants know they are not welcome here. Texans prefer to govern themselves, and have no need for a nanny-state to see to their affairs.

I agree that open carry is problematic, particularly for whiney-pants liberals. The Campus carry bill is one that should have passed; the Texas Constitution already protects the Second Amendment (Article 1, Section 23).

Dr Strangelove

As a CHL holder, NRA, TSRA, and CHIA member I oppose open carry it’s a dumb idea. If you want to be a Cowboy please move to Pennsylvania or Arizona that have open carry. Comparing Texas to New York and California come on man get a grip?


Contact Gov Perry and urge him to add these pro gun bills to the special session. In special session the gun haters of the anti American Democrat party do not have the power to block needed bills that they have in regular session. Then remember who these gun hating Democrat thugs are at election time.

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