To the Editor:

Thanksgiving, as a day of celebration (Nov. 28) has come and gone, and for the most part the central point of such a celebration had to do with how much and how generous God’s blessings have been through the years and as far back as we can ever imagine.

Far more important, however, and far more encompassing in scope is the sense of thanksgiving, not in terms of material blessings received, but in terms of how Divine Providence (God) has endowed us with enormous talents and abilities to make this world (or this earth as the only home we have ever known) a far better place in which to live than we can ever imagine.

Just think of what this means: thankful people together to be good stewards in harnessing and using untapped resources that exist within the bounds of creation.

We are duty-bound, I believe, to keep the broad entities of our environment clean and healthful; to envision, with uncompromising dedication, a more urgent timetable for the cure and eradication of the most deadly of all known diseases and ailments; to make sure that hunger the world over is never allowed to be the norm for human existence (or as Pope Francis put it, the rich must help, respect and promote the poor); and to respect, affirm and honor the equality of all human beings as an inherent and unchanging human right. All these have to do with promoting and upholding the essential goodness and well-being of our common humanity.

Is this too optimistic and idealistic? If so, I plead guilty to both! But then again, isn’t that what being hopeful is all about?

retired Rev. B.B. Mequi


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play it forward - I do believe and practive that.

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