To the Editor:

In regards to the article posted Oct. 27, “Projects aim to ease traffic in southern Killeen.” I understand the reason behind widening Stagecoach Road. Yes, the road needs to be widened, but why now?

(U.S.) Highway 190 is undergoing total rebuilding right now, causing a lot of traffic issues. A lot of people, including myself, drive on Stagecoach to avoid the congestion on (State) Highway 195 as well as Stan Schlueter Loop. Couldn’t it wait until Highway 190 was finished first?

I travel from the Copperas Cove area to Harker Heights to work every day and it used to take me less than 30 minutes. Now it takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to/from work no matter what direction I take.

The city of Killeen needs to schedule around the Highway 190 construction before doing any more widening of the roads. Now it will be three years (again) before I can have a relaxing drive.

Since 2006, I have had to face road construction from Highway 190, Highway 201, Stagecoach, bridge at Highway 195 and Stagecoach, as well as more construction on Highway 190. Right now there is no good way to get home.

I know TxDOT has something to do with most of the construction but, thanks, Killeen, for making my driving experience more miserable.

Diane Murphy


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"but why now?"

Because houses are being built in neighborhoods along Stagecoach Road at a rapid clip (several hundred houses in three years, just in my neighborhood alone), and people are moving into those houses. We all have to use Stagecoach to get in and out of the rest of town. Not to mention the new police headquarters on Featherline (just south of Stagecoach).

It's already getting congested at certain times of day. Waiting longer would just make it worse. I'd rather take the detours *now* when traffic isn't as heavy as it will be in three years, than wait for it to be impassable.


you have to spend the money when it's allocated, or you lose it.

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