To the Editor:

Unlike presidential elections past, no sooner was Donald Trump announced the winner of the most recent one, then the hate speech started.

Once people recovered from the shocking news (not all recovered), a fierce attack on the president and all Republicans for that matter, commenced.

Freedom of speech went by the wayside.

This was especially true in major colleges and universities where no one other than liberal, socialist voices were allowed to speak.  

School presidents who disagreed were chastised or forced to resign.  Since there is no shortage of liberal/socialist professors, it was allowed to continue.

The Hollywood crowd eagerly participated in the hate-Trump campaign.  

Madonna thought about blowing up the White House, Kathy Griffin held a replica of the bloody head of the president (beheaded), in New York in a Broadway play.

A Democratic follower of Bernie Sanders ambushed a group of Republicans, shooting a few, one of them critically.

TV comedians have made jokes about the president, his wife, son and even a sexual joke involving the president and his daughter.  

Johnny Depp said that it was time that a president was assassinated by an actor.  

Robert De Niro wants to punch the president in the face — and on and on.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of all of this was that the Democratic Party leadership was mostly silent, lending justification and credibility to the violence and proving to the USA that their goal is to destroy the president and the administration.

Reg Henry, a syndicated columnist, called this the Summer of Hate.

Perhaps, the person who said it best is someone who most probably doesn’t share my political affiliation.

Ms. Glenda Turck said (in a June 24 letter to the editor), “We are like a plane with only one wing, endlessly circling but unable to go anywhere.”

If the Democratic Party persists on delaying the landing, when it does land, it will take with it their aspirations to regain power.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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Dr Strangelove

Wow five comments from five whining snowflakes—get over it your crooked, fake, hateful candidate LOST. If the DNC put up some one with some integrity they might have won? The election wasn’t about Trump it was about NOBODY wanted four more years of Obama. NOBODY wanted Crooked Hillary—majority of Americans just wants the Clintons to go away. This letter is SPOT ON!

Richard North
Richard North

"NOBODY wanted four more years of Obama." ~Dr Strangelove

Um, you do realize President Obama already served eight years and could not run again.
"NOBODY wanted Crooked Hillary"~ Dr Strangelove

That's why Trump lost the popular vote right?
My, my it seems you must not be very informed on this subject.
That's ok, just come up with what ever fits your narrative just like Mr. Trump and his supporters do. We "snowflakes" hope to see you at the impeachment proceedings when the GOP
finally begin eating their own.
And with that I leave you with:

A Narcissist's Prayer

That didn't happen.
And if it did, it wasn't that bad.
And if it was, that's not a big deal.
And if it is, that's not my fault.
And if it was, I didn't mean it.
And if I did...
You deserved it.

Richard North
Richard North

Poor Donald Trump. He spouts out all this hateful, racist,sexist, misogynist crap and then gets called out for it. He calls Hillary Clinton a former First Lady "crooked Hillary"
He calls Ted Cruz a sitting Texas senator "Lying Ted Cruz" ...on and on he
berates, criticizes and obfuscates just about everything he comes in contact with. He is the president of the United States and if he wants to garner the respect of that office then he needs to begin to act presidential.

Love Our Planet

I seem to remember A LOT of racist hate going around when Obama was president. There were images of people hanging and burning Obama being passed around social media. There was plenty of racist hate coming from republicans (I'm not grouping the entire party). The biggest difference is that President Obama had the thick skinned maturity and class to handle all his critics and haters. Trump lacks all of that. President Obama had Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., but he did not use SM as a tool to spread hate. He used it as a tool to post some insights into his life, advance his political agenda, etc. This isn't FAKE it's FACT! Donald Trump behaves like a giant man-child who gets his rocks off by bullying people. God a my witness, I am trying to respect the office of the President. He makes me ashamed and embarrassed with his childish antics.

Love Our Planet

Donald Trump is the most FAKE person in this country! His hateful rhetoric validates all of the hate going on in this country. Donald Trump fooled every single one of his voters! He does not care about anyone but himself and those who carry his name! You are delusional if you think he'd do anything for anyone of us! He clearly doesn't know what he's doing as President. He wanted to be POTUS to gain more power and to strengthen his name brand. He is a man with massive ulterior motives! If anyone disagrees with him, or tries to hold him accountable for his actions he calls them FAKE NEWS. He is doing EVERYTHING in his power to destroy our beautiful country. He wants to drill for oil in every place possible! He is simply a power hungry, money hungry fool who should not be our president! He is an embarrassment to our country! I just hope we still have a country after he's done raping it!


I disagree with this editorial completely. Fox News and the Republican Party are the true enemies of America. Trump does not merit any respect. Anyone who voted for him is just as crazy as he is and self-destructive. Classic example: for 8 years they have harped and rejected 'Obamacare'. One would think that since they control the entire government, we would have it repealed and their 'great plan' in place by now. They are a serious threat to the people! Sad....


Donald Trump is a bully who insults and anyone who does not bow down to him. He should be impeached and removed from office for the good of the country. The link shows that he can sling it out but like most bullies can't take it. "The 337 People, Places and Things Donald
Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List." These are just the insults on twitter and do not include those he says in public.


Couldn't agree with this article more. The democrat party and the fake news media indeed are enemies of the people.

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