To the Editor:

In reference to the Trump/Putin news conference, I’m disappointed, not because the president did not insult or berate Russia’s president, but because he neglected to point out that despite Putin’s claims, there was factual evidence that they did try to interfere in our elections.

Our president believes in keeping our enemies close. It is not a bad idea if one takes into consideration that Russia owns close to 50 percent of all the nuclear weapons in the world, for a combined total with the U.S., and both control 92 percent.

Nevertheless, he was not assertive enough and missed a golden opportunity to prove that he is not Putin’s buddy.

Previous actions by the president support that.  Sanctions for suspected election interference (stronger than his predecessor) remain in place.  Several Russian-controlled buildings have been shut down and its occupants deported.

Weapons have been sent to areas in conflict with the Russians. Would you do that to a buddy?

Other commanders in chief have, at one time or another, committed serious mistakes. For example, terminating/replacing the ground-based missile system deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic (to appease the Russians who were totally against it).

The decision on the Iraq War, billions to Iran and North Korea for nothing, the red line in the sand, etc., etc.

There’s evidence that the Russians were hacking computers at the White House, State Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff since 2015.  

Action taken? None.

The president’s failure to respond forcefully is perplexing. One thing is certain; he is not a traitor, he loves America, he did not give up anything, he  tries hard to keep others from taking advantage of the U.S. He is tired of the U.S. being the world’s “Sugar Daddy.”

Another thing:  the meeting with President Putin was not a one-time deal.  Many issues were discussed and further conferences/ meetings are on the agenda.  

Keep on trucking, Mr. President, (without any help from the press or the Democratic Party, of course).

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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