To the Editor:

It’s well past time for citizens to politically revolt against our elected governing elite. Congressmen have served their own personal greed and members of both parties have worked to advance their own party’s strength.

Meanwhile, the welfare of the country has been ignored. America is no longer respected around the world, agencies of our government are abusing and spying on us citizens, the national debt and deficit have America on the brink of financial collapse — and now Congress has exempted its members and their staff members from Obamacare.

Enough is enough.

If your Congress person doesn’t deserve an A+ for service in Congress, strongly support abolishing the IRS and openly advocate replacing the income tax with the FairTax, you should work to defeat your congressman in the 2014 primary election.

Glen E. Terrell


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Agree with Dr S about consumption tax.! And, if you are buying it used the taxes have already been paid on it. No "double" taxation!

Dr Strangelove

Abolishing the IRS will never happen too much money is being made off the tax code. Also you have people like me that don’t want a fair tax or flat tax we want a consumption tax if you buy it you’re taxed for it; if you don’t buy it you’re not taxed.

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