To the Editor:

This is in response to Mr. Fender’s letter (Sept. 23, KDH), encouraging people, especially young people, not to vote if they are “uninformed” about the issues.

On the surface, the intent of the letter seems well-meaning; every voter should study the issues and make the best possible decision when casting their vote. The undertone of the letter, however, is one I hear all too often from my fellow “seniors.”

The rants change a little, but the basic theme is: this country is going to “heck in a hand basket,” it has never been in worse shape politically, economically, or morally than it is right now, and “these dang kids today” don’t understand that. I’ve used the quotation marks because these are nearly exact quotes (expletives deleted) I heard my grandfather use in the 1960s, and my father use in the ’80s.

The underlying implication to all of this is that if you don’t vote the way I’m going to vote, it can only be because you don’t really understand the issues, and I’d just as soon you didn’t vote at all.

My message is simple. Vote. Make your mind up using whatever criteria works for you, and become a part of the process. If you don’t vote the way I do, that’s your right.

As for the current state of our country, I’m reminded of a quote made by my all-time favorite radio commentator, Paul Harvey. He said, “In times like these, it’s important to remember that there have always been times like these.”

Dave Wood

Harker Heights

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