To the Editor:

Two weeks ago, waiting to vote for new VFW officers, I was required to produce a current VFW membership card, as my number would prevent voter fraud by allowing one vote for each member recorded. 

The card insured each voter was a member of the post to which the officers would serve. 

As luck would have it, my companion did not have his card in his possession.

Fortunately, one of the post officers had a current roster from which he obtained the required number that could be used to vote, only if a picture identification were produced to verify he was indeed the person on the roster.

Because we care about who represents our interest within the community, and our desired association with veterans who served in combat, we gladly participated in the verification process. 

After all, we served in combat to assure citizens of these United States, who have not jeopardized their rights, can vote for candidates to represent them and their interests at various levels of government.

Neither I, nor my comrades fought for non-citizens, felons and charlatans to pollute the electoral process as a means to install persons of questionable integrity to leadership and trust.

The great state of Texas should not be bullied by the attorney general, who is greatly concerned about “voter intimidation” and disenfranchisement.  

If the law is written correctly, “stand your ground” and allow the supreme law of the land tell us if it is constitutional.

Voters at all levels should be required to produce verifiable proof they are eligible to vote.

Nonstudents should not get to vote for class president, students from other schools should not be allowed, nor should deceased students, or previous graduates. 

Voting should be reserved for citizens who obtain identification and maintain the privilege to vote.

Don Fender


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Dr Strangelove

Come on people wake up voters cannot show ID, if they did Democrats wouldn’t get the illegal votes they get. Obama wouldn’t be President today. How dare you requiring dead people in Chicago to show ID—JEEZ! What’s the world coming too?



I don't understand what is the big deal about having a voter or picture ID. We already have to register to vote in Texas, so we have a voter registration card. When you go to vote you present your voter card and if you forgot it then you show a picture ID. Then they check and make sure you are on the list and then you get a ballot and vote. We have to show ID for everything and this is one of the most important things that we do in our life, our right to vote and be heard. No one should be able to just walk in and vote unless they are registered and voting in the right place. It's simple, get over it, show proof that you are a registered voter. Why is everyone making such a big deal over it?

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