To the Editor:

Much has been written about federal campaign funding lately. The United States Supreme Court is deciding if limitations should be placed on campaign spending. One would be hard-pressed to disagree with anything Dan Thomasson said in his article on Oct. 12. He seemed to be stating that our federal elections may be tainted by money.

But I am an optimist. I believe that a higher power is in control of everything. There are many accounts in the Bible for the optimistic novice politician to refer to for courage.

As a new Texan, I ran unopposed for a seat on the City Council in Killeen, and acquired that seat. It took practically no money and no votes.

Then I ran for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives. On a fixed income, namely pension and Social Security, I opened a campaign office and did the necessary work required with the help of a great group of supporters. I acquired a respectable 19,879 votes.

So take heart, you who would challenge a political system by running for office. The words in Desider’ata state, “Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.”

I did not win my last political challenge, but it felt good to say yes to the challenge. As an optimistic American, I still believe that votes, not money, can win elections. I do hope the United States’ conservative Supreme Court justices consider that money may be a corrupting factor in some political races. I hope that the elite members of this austere branch of our federal government really do “strive for high ideals.”

Dr. Claudia L. Brown


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Dr. Brown, your optimism is refreshing, but... Many studies show that name recognition wins most elections. Money and incumbency develop name recognition.

"So take heart, you who would challenge a political system by running for office."

Most of us have a hard enough time challenging the system by educating ourselves about candidates and then actually going out to vote. Sadly.


Brown, you lost because of your extremist socialist liberal views that are anathma to real Americans. You are no longer in Baltimore where our constitution and bill of rights are viewed as toilet paper and American is a 4 letter word. You are on the wrong side of every issue I care about and you may remember you only received 20% of the vote in Lampasas county, because of you extremist socialist views.


money don't hurt.

Dr Strangelove

Bubba you're right but the LOVE of money does. It buys corruption that's what happens here in Killeen, Austin & DC.

Dr Strangelove

I agree votes can win elections but money buys votes—that wins elections. Sad but true.

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