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In response to the letter “Fort Hood gay pride observance an affront to soldiers’ religious rights” (May 31, KDH):

Ed Coet’s letter protesting the LGBT pride observance day at Fort Hood indicates that he has forgotten that ours is a secular nation designed around the separation of church and state, which consequently allows individuals of all faiths to worship and live as they see fit within the confines of our legal system.

An LGBT pride event does not prevent you from professing your beliefs; it merely exposes you to the fact that others may do the same even if you disagree.

As Thomas Jefferson stated, “laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made ... institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times.”

The United States is slowly coming to the same conclusion as much of the rest of the world that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer or questioning individuals are not perverted or mentally ill.

Human sexuality is not binary, but rather a spectrum of possibilities capable of being healthfully expressed within the context of consenting adult interactions. As our society evolves to realize this, our legislation evolves accordingly.

Just as those who grew up in the antebellum South and Jim Crow eras held beliefs which could not be changed despite the forward movement of the nation toward a more just, equitable and perfect union, I suspect that Mr. Coet’s beliefs will continue to justify his resistance to the incursion of democratic values into his biblically conservative world.

When those of his generation have died, however, a younger generation that has grown up with different values regarding respect for diversity will take his place in the pews, pulpits and voting booths. No doubt they will also look back with horror at the messages of hatred, bigotry and outrageous disrespect exemplified in his letter.

Until then, Mr. Coet, I encourage you to recognize that the Constitution is the law of the land, not the Bible; that freedom absolutely does encompass issues of race, class, gender and sexual orientation specifically because those have been contributing factors in many conflicts regarding equality and justice; and that anything which celebrates the homes and families our troops fight for is more than appropriate; it is praiseworthy and in fact long since overdue.

Celeste Rorem


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Our republic is a Christian nation, formed and founded on Judeo-Christian values. There is no such thing as the "separation of church and state"; there is "freedom of religion", not "freedom from religion".

The problem here is that our federal government is illegally trying to make homosexuals a protected class of citizens under the law and grant them special rights. This is fundamentally wrong, for when you do this you are stomping on someone else's rights. It is inherently and patently unconstitutional.

In a military setting, this kind of chosen lifestyle behavior is a crime under the UCMJ. Having these personnel on active duty, endorsing this lifestyle, or celebrating the sexual preferences of employees in any way is wildly unprofessional, as well as unwholesome. To force it onto troops is prejudicial to good order and discipline and is an offense under the UCMJ in my opinion.

The United States military is not an employment agency or welfare service. It is not a civilian agency. The laws that apply are contained in the UCMJ. Strict adherence to these standards of conduct 24 hours a day is compelled of all military personnel. Period.

Those who cannot or will not comply with the standards of conduct must be identified, remediated, or separated from the military.

No matter how you slice it, this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with being wildly unprofessional and unwholesome. Those involved in establishing this recognition should be disciplined or relieved.

Every American has the right to serve their country free of having other lifestyles forced down their throat, or having hands put upon them, or being abused, harassed, or mistreated by anyone, particularly their leadership. They have the right to be treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect by all other who serve with them. They have the right to expect that all others they serve with will be compelled to meet the same standards of conduct they meet, 24 hours a day, and not have to worry about being treated as a sexual object in the communal latrine. And they have the right to have their religious and moral beliefs observed by the service and the leadership, and not have them violated to serve political and social agendas set by those who have never served.

You don't observe the rights of one group by stomping ont eh rights of another. That's Un-American.

Mamma Griz

Bubba, you said that "Every American has the right to serve their country free of having other lifestyles forced down their throat, or having hands put upon them, or being abused, harassed, or mistreated by anyone, particularly their leadership. They have the right to be treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect by all other who serve with them". Then you insinuate that those who are Americans but also LGBT don't have the right to serve their country.

Which is it? They shouldn't serve their country or they should despite the fact that some people think they are so blasted much better.

BTW, who is it that forces their lifestyle down others throat? You see about groups that try to force their heterosexual lifestyle down peoples' throats by trying to convert them from homosexual lifestyle to heterosexual lifestyle.. You don't see homosexuals trying to convert people to their lifestyle.

I knew some homosexuals, and they didn't try to shove their lifestyle down my throat-- in fact, they respected me more than some heterosexual males did. Of course, I am the type that will try to get along with everyone-- and respect everyone. Tho in this day and time his letter and your reply makes it very difficult to do it.


Political subterfuge. But then, I'm always suspicious when an advocacy group keeps having to change it's agenda name. IE:

globull warming, climate change, weather disruption.


Collectivism, Socialism, Communism, Progress

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