To the Editor:

I was born in California and first saw Killeen/Fort Hood in 1965 as a member of the Army. I volunteered to go to Vietnam rather than stay here. Killeen rolled up the streets at 8 p.m.

I next returned in 1995, and what a difference. After one more deployment to Germany in 1998 I returned to retire for good.

It was after President Obama was elected that I really started to read the columns of Dan Walters (about California), and when Obama was re-elected, I finally discovered that someone in your newspaper did something extremely great. By publishing these columns about California I learned how fortunate I was to have moved to Texas and its enlightened budget policies.

Someone must have seen the future and purchased the columns to show what would happen when the people voted for President Obama. Evidently not enough people read the columns as he was re-elected. Now, looking back, aren’t you glad you live in a republic that has a budget and pays its bills?

The columns give a picture of what the federal government will look like when President Obama leaves office. It seems he is trying to follow the California Democratic Party model, which is a few years behind the French/Spanish model, which is following the Cyprus model.  

This is what a celebrity president who did not lead and a government that does not work does. The president does not have a clue as to the waste and unemployment he has caused.

W. A. Wright Jr.


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Dr Strangelove

I was born and raised in Michigan and just look what Democrat and Union policies have done to that State. When I got ready to be put on the Army Retirement rolls I looked at my wife and said, “Why in the heck would we go back to that place”? Living large in the Great State of Texas HOOAH!

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