To the Editor:

The recent fiasco over fallen heroes’ death benefits, instead illustrates the argument for smaller government, particularly at the federal level.

Had Washington not been too busy trying to control every facet of our daily lives, (while, of course, protecting the slender-billed curfew) they might possibly have the manpower to oversee the Veterans Affairs.

They could start by firing the inept bureaucrat who made the command decision to hold up those particular funds.

Lists are compiled daily of the asinine activities ( and funds to facilitate them) that Congress conjures up to justify its existence.

Then the callous, jaded public has a big laugh and returns to idly watching the Behemoth gorge itself to even greater size and power.

Is outrage truly dead?

Morgan E. Shrode Sr.


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I just can't get over how liberals can just type and speak lies and make politics over the bodies of those who have died for their safety. It really repulses me. Luckily, there is Special Hell in store for them. Enjoy.

Mamma Griz

Let me see. We weren't having such a backlog at Veterans Affairs UNTIL the wars following 9/11-- and we went after the wrong people anyway. First was Afghanistan, then came Iraq. Iraq cost us 4,000+ dead military-- then all the widows' benefits. BTW, that was before President Obama's term in office. It was on King George's watch-- the savior of the country. The guy who had a surplus budget when he started his time in office and screwed the country up financially during his reign.

I can't print here what I have said to some of the congressmen. But they don't turn red when they read it-- they don't have the ability to be embarrassed.

Dr Strangelove

His Majesty Obama has spent more money in his first term than all the Presidents COMBINDED! You argument doesn’t hold water—as usual. I rest my case in Obama voters eyes this guy can do no wrong.

"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor."


The argument for smaller government comes right from the Presidents own mouth.

His answer to every scandal (or "non-scandal" depending on which news source you watch) is "I didn't know."

If he doesn't know what's going on, then obviously, government has grown too large!

Dr Strangelove

In the Lame Stream Media eyes his Lordship Obama can do no wrong—just think if Bush was still in office the LSM would be demanding impeachment and his head.


Outrage isn't dead, its that many people are ignorant of what's happening to this

country and the others are fearful to say anything. People know who caused this

teardown of the United States. And, for all the ophra zombie followers; its not that

he is black, it his policies. Bet that woman never read anything by Dr Ben Carson or

Dr Thomas Sowell. Actors and liberals need to stay out of wanting to control

everyone's lives. Who died and made them God?


the responsible parties are the liberals in congress and throughout this land that shutdown the government over their arrogance.

Now their precious obamacare has completely crashed, highlighting their incompetence and stupidity.


I agree, but voters are very forgetful. We need to remind them come Nov, 2014 and Nov, 2016.

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