To the Editor:

Re: Welfare reform in the U.K.

We really do not have to go all the way to the United Kingdom to know that we are off track in this country when it comes to welfare reform.

The Associated Press article printed in the Feb. 15 KDH documents that a Roman Catholic archbishop slams welfare reform there. Amidst the country’s affluence, Archbishop Nichols considers disproportionate cuts to unemployment, housing and disability benefits hitting their poor to be a “disgrace.”

We here in America, are said to be leaders of the free world. Yet the callous way we treat the poor, which is getting poorer, is truly a worldwide disgrace.

Why is the “right” fighting our president so hard, as he simply wants to provide the poor with a living wage? How callous can we be to allow politicians to stay in office, as they vote to keep Americans submerged in poverty?

In the Bible, Ecclesiastes 10:19 reminds us that “…money is the answer for everything.” But, 1 Timothy — 6:18 reminds us that God “Commands… (us) to do good.”

The rich are getting richer. That’s okay, though, as long as they are doing “good” with it.

The poor should not be getting poorer. President Obama sees this. He has had to invoke executive power to save the poor.

We must help him by voting to give Americans living in poverty their freedom: to earn a living wage; to have food when they have no work; to have money to survive when they are disabled.

Your one vote has the power to get rid of the tyrants who support poverty in America.

Dr. Claudia L. Brown, former Killeen City Council member, Killeen

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then why doen't Obama give his mony away to help the poor if he thinks that is what should be done?

Killeen patriot

So Dr. Brown if you are going to quote the bible, then you should quote it in context. For example the passage in Ecclesiastes speaks to hard work and being a good citizen. it implies that if you work hard first, then you will have money to answer everything else. I can take the bible out of context also, for example: Matthew 27:5 ..Judas...hanged himself. Luke 10:37... go and do likewise.

See doesn't make much sense does it?


Why is the “right” fighting our president so hard....because we don't trust him since he has proven to be a liar.


My opinion and my opinion only.

To enlighten, the Smart Meter that our company, Oncor Electric Transmission Company, was fabricated in 'Mexico, not even a U.S. company. But you are correct in your statement of they follow the dollars, when I inquired about this, the company representative stated 'it was cheaper'. At the height of the 'recession, depression, whatever you want to call it, they couldn't even 'Buy America'. I don't have any knowledge of what or where Al Gore's political affiliation's are, but that's the story behind our smart meter company.
I will say this, the crock that 'the company' has been saying about the efficiency of the smart meter is just that. I was able to get 'the company' to set up a simulated meter prover lash up which consisted of two meters, one analog and one digital, 'smart meter', in series and this test was conducted for 3 consecutive months. At the end of the test period the delta, difference between the two meters, was zero. There was not a difference in the meter readings, kWh, for the entire 3 month period.
Are you interested in what 'our company' has in store for you if you want to 'opt out'?

Dr Strangelove

Just follow the money that’s what all this is about. Good comment Alvin. Another point about the smart meter the main guy who pushed the smart meter behind the scenes and is a major stock holder in the company that makes them is Al Gore.

Blak9 I’ve been to a lot of third world countries and I never seen the Mega churches out there helping the poor but Catholic charities were boots on the ground. I don’t think you have a clue what the Church does for the poor.


This is my opinion and only my opinion.

I find this discussion to be on the 'light' side as I believe none of you see the big picture. You are quibbling over the fee for tow truck as if it was the most important thing in the world. You are quibbling over the minimum wage. In my view, neither of these topics are worth the breath it takes to expel the words.
I agree that, 'When the minimum wage is raised, the pittance of raise gets swallowed by the subsequent price increases overall, so if anything, you break even, but that usually not the case'. Why is it that 'in the petroleum sector, you have Ethanol. It was supposed to be a boon to motorist, but everything else went up. Farmers started growing 'petroleum products instead of food stuffs, because it was more profitable. And so the story goes, on and on and on.
But if you want to take the time and study what is being done to our utility sector, you will find that this is being eroded to the point that we are no longer living under a Republic form of Government, which our fore fathers devised and envisioned, but now it is reduced to a Socialistic/Communistic form of Government, subtle tho the change. In the case of electrical power, we went from a 'Regulated' form of electrical distribution to a 'Deregulated' form of electrical distribution. It was said at the time, and often thereafter, that the act of deregulating the utility's would have the effect of 'reducing' your bills. How much of a reduction have you seen in your electric bills? The Smart meter, which was introduced in 2008/9 was to 'reduce your electric bill as it was more efficient'. In the early 2000's, the push was to remove coal power stations, but nothing was built to replace them. Now the powers to be have determined that there is not enough electrical power generation overall and this has resulted in a move by the DOE to 'start reducing individuals electric consumption, by force if necessary.
When the smart electrical meter was introduced in 2009, many people were up in arms and city meetings were held. Now the smart meter, digital, was equipped with a bi-directional, transmit and receive, capability. I asked the representatives who were present 'when do you contemplate ever having the need to 'transmit a signal from the center station to an individual residence' to which the representatives were quick to say that that would be illegal'. At that point I asked 'if that is illegal, why then was it even in the meter specifications to have a transmitted signal' to which I received a muted answer or none at all.
People, that is the direction this government is moving, from a Republic form of Government to a Socialistic form of Government. Your freedoms are being eroded away piece by piece and you aren't even aware of it.

Big Brother is coming, or has already arrived. We, the United States citizen is the Proletariat.

This country was founded, by our founding Fathers as a 'Republic'.

United States Constitution
Art. 4 Sec. 4 Par. 1

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government.” [Not a democracy.]

Pledge of Allegiance – “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands …”
It so states in 'our' Constitution that we are 'guaranteed' this form of Government, a Republic. Again I repeat, a Republic and Not a Democracy. And that is important, that our Government is a 'REPUBLIC'.

(Webster’s dictionary definition, which is a recognized source of information – a dictionary: a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law.)
Again I emphasize 'Resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote'. That is the key to the formation of 'The Republic'.

Gary Caraway

Re: marxist do not understand the economics of a free state, where the invisible hand of the free market rules.

KDH 25 Feb 2014 pg. 7.

The Bell County Commissioners Court on Monday voted to increase the rates towing companies are allowed to charge. a flat $150.

Where is that invisible hand of the "Free Market" ? Are the Bell county commissioners Marxists? Communists? Socialists? LIBERALS? Where do these government officials get the authority to set prices? We are all doomed here in the Socialist State of Bell County (SSBC).


I believe they are discussing the contractual agreement that the county has with local tow operators to tow vehicles in support of that contract, normally abandoned vehicles left on the public roadway. I don't believe this has anything to do with what these same companies would charge a private citizen to tow a vehicle.

I could be wrong about that, and your remedy is the ballot box.


The Government's role is not to run peoples lives. you use scripture to make your case, the scripture's are referring to individuals taking care of your neighbor, why is the Catholic church setting on trillion's of dollars accusing Government of not taking care of the poor? How much money do you think the government have? What is a living wage? Nothing but a political slogan. Why not raise the minimum wage to $20.00 a hour, why not a $100.00 a hour, then you will see no jobs at all, because the businesses would not survive. In other states I have already seen technology replacing people in the fast food industry, how long do you think it will take businesses to upgrade their companies also, Entry level jobs is just that, most people are already paid $10.00 a hour. barbie500, I agree leave it alone, that is a state matter. I am tired of people playing political games.


I say leave it alone. I worked at a place for minimum wage and over the years got an increase, then all of a sudden the government raised minimum wage and the people that were being hired were making the same as me after I had worked there for 14 years and put in my time and being a good worker. No one benefits from this, when minimum wages go up so does everything else. These jobs were not meant to be a way a person made a living. They were meant for extra income, beginning workers, high school students and seniors who need to supplement their medicare.


Why does the "left" think it's admirable to give some of the working poor a "living wage" at the expense of other working poor?

If a worker wants more money, they apply for a position that pays more... that's what we do in a "free" society.


I'll be the "odd man out" here, as someone who generally supports progressive reform and who voted for Obama.

I too am against raising the minimum wage arbitrarily, and for these reasons:

1. I've lived through minimum wage raises before (often while getting paid minimum wage). My wage goes up a little, but so do prices, and eventually rent. If you're already making more than minimum wage, your raise *doesn't* go up, but prices do. It rarely, if ever, helped me.

2. It's an across-the-board minimum wage, which doesn't make sense in our nation of widely varying cost-of-living scenarios. You can live in Killeen for half (or less than half) of what it costs to live in, say Dallas or Houston, not to mention Seattle or New York City.

Unlike the right, I don't agree that people are making what they earn -- there's no way that some of the CEOs who run their companies into the ground (and often breaking the law or at least acting unethically) are "earning" their multi-million dollar bonuses. And even among minimum-wage employees (I've been one) there is often no correlation between pay and quality of work / efficiency.

But a flat minimum wage increase for the whole country just has never seemed like a good idea.


Here in America, people need to give THEMSELVES a living wage.

What marxists like obama want to do is TAKE INCOME FROM THOSE WHO HAVE EARNED IT and then GIVE IT TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT. This is called "income/wealth redistribution" and it is a keystone of marxism.

Further, marxist do not understand the economics of a free state, where the invisible hand of the free market rules. By "Providing a living wage" to citizens in entry-level jobs, businesses will then maintain their operating budget by FIRING THE ENTRY-LEVEL EMPLOYEES THEY CAN NO LONGER AFFORD. Similarly, when you pass marxist laws like obamacare, employers must do the same thing-FIRE EMPLOYEES THEY CANNOT AFFORD OR DROP THEIR HEALTH CARE BENEFITS.

Get it?

You and your friends just can't learn-you keep making the same mistakes again and again. Throughout history, the "liberal progressives" (read "MARXISTS), have brought nothing but misery and death to millions, yet they keep spewing their failed, worthless ideas.


@ We here in America, are said to be leaders of the free world.

It isn't only said Ms. Brown but is true, Why else would so many want to get into the country ,some even breaking our laws to do it. Have you complained to Mr. Obama about that yet. Since he and his admin seem to have no problem with this breaking of the law.

You seem to have the idea everyone is doing something to make the president look bad...I believe you should rethink that theory .Maybe that thought should be reversed and its the American people -All of them, of All colors are and will be made to suffer if Everyone doesn't wake up to the truth.

Dr Strangelove

Heck why stop at $10.10 an hour? Let’s make it $100.00 an hour maybe $200.00 an hour! President Obama has had to invoke executive power because he’s bypassing Congress; most economists and small business owners knows this is a BAD IDEA!

How dare you quote the Bible when you, the President, and your party support the killing of babies!

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