To the Editor:

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to the community for the overwhelming support of the annual Wreath Project. Laying more than 4,000 wreaths at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery was a tremendous undertaking made possible only through the generosity of our volunteers and donors.

When the cemetery opened in 2006, we saw an opportunity to honor the lives and service of those laid to rest there. With just a few volunteers and a lot of determination, we gathered enough wreaths to lay one at each grave.

Thus began the Friends of the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery and our commitment to ensuring that every person interred at our cemetery would be honored during the holidays.

Today, I am humbled by what the Wreath Project has become.

Thousands of people have made preparing, laying and retrieving the wreaths part of their holiday tradition. They give so generously of their time and money to serve those who served us.

It is this steadfast support that will allow this project to continue for generations.

So again, I say thank you to all those who made the Wreath Project possible. Your dedication to honoring the veterans who went before shows yet again that Central Texas is the strongest supporter of our soldiers, veterans and their families.

Jean Shine

Harker Heights

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Jean Shine deserves all of the thanks for initiating this project, turned community tradition. And like all good family traditions, it connects the entire family of Central Texas. Thanks, Jean!

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