To the Editor:

Regarding the Martin- Zimmerman verdict:

Red and yellow, black and white, we’re all precious in His sight.

The verse from this song about how God loves us all, brings to mind where we are in terms of the pecking order of race in this country.

It also causes us to think about the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida, which was sponsored by Rep. Dennis Baxley.

Tavis Smiley of PBS argued with a Fox News personality that all black people should be armed under the “Stand Your Ground” law.

Really? Well, what choice do we have?

I am also the mother of one black boy and two black grandsons. My son is all black. One grandson is half Hispanic, and the other one is half white.

They each may identify with their white, brown or black side. I don’t know. But this reminds us that psychologically, that is where we are in this society.

Red and yellow, black and white may be all precious in God’s sight, but psychologically, covertly or overtly, there is a pecking order. And black is still at the bottom to a segment of America.

If Trayvon Martin were my son, I would have advised him to keep walking, especially since he is black and Mr. Zimmerman appeared to be white or brown.

Why? Because of the “Stand Your Ground” law and the pecking order in America — and because it is a matter of life and death.

Claudia L. Brown, Ph.D.


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Dr Strangelove

People please understand Mama Griz is a diehard democrat and wants the government to take our guns. As usual she has no facts and bases things on emotion. Also Mama Griz you weren’t there either.

The events took place as George Zimmerman described them, Zimmerman was struck by Trayvon Martin, pinned to the ground, and beaten savagely by him (to the extent of having his head slammed repeatedly into the concrete sidewalk; Zimmerman was unable to retreat, hence the "stand your ground" law is not relevant. Zimmerman was not charged initially because the physical evidence was consonant with his story, and was not contradicted by the testimony of witnesses. He was prosecuted because of political pressure brought on the State of Florida, the Whitehouse and by "community organizers. He was found not guilty get over it! The reason the President should have kept his mouth shut is that he has more to worry about then a seventeen year old thug that messed with the wrong guy.

When OJ was found innocent you lefties were silent and deep down in your hearts you know he murdered two people.

Mamma Griz

Someone who had his head slammed repeatedly into the concrete sidewalk would have more than MINOR abrasions. And "the physical evidence was consonant with his story"? One, which version of his story? He told a number of versions. And "consonant"? Why didn't you use "vowel"-- a vowel and a consonant both describe LETTERS in the alphabet.

What witness? The only true witness is dead-- how convenient isn't it. Any other "witness" saw only a small part of the incident. And are friends of the halfbreed.

BTW-- I am not a diehard democrat. I am a free-thinker and no dam person is going to tell me who I should vote for. I am NOT like you, that is for sure. I have been thinking for myself for years.

Guess George Zimmerman is heading for California.

Oh, there is a difference between being found not guilty of murder and actually being not guilty of murder.

And how old a thug are you?

And as for the OJ incident, I really didn't give a dam how it turned out

Mamma Griz

How many of you people were eyewitnesses to the WHOLE incident-- from the first to the last? There were only two eyewitnesses to the WHOLE incident-- and isn't it so convenient that one isn't alive to tell his side of the story. That leaves the other to concoct his own version of the incident. And I can't believe GZ's version of the incident any more than I could have picked up and thrown my dad's two-ton bull.


If you don't want to be - as you claim - to be on the bottom of the pecking order, stop striving to be there. You are about 11% of the population yet you are over 50% of our violent criminals. You have a 70% out of wedlock birth rate and seem to have no concern over that. You are disdainful of moral values and productive work. There are other career paths other than habitual criminal activity. You prostitute your women and addict your children. I suggest you protest stand your ground laws because you are the most likely criminal offender and do not want your intended victims to have the means to resist. You relentlessly pursue self destruction then whine it is everyone else's fault and make a lying bogus claim that racism is why you rob, rape, murder and riot.

Mamma Griz

Don:: PROVE all your comments! Bet you can't-- or won't. More than likely it is that you won't-- you don't want people to see how much of a bigot you are. I guess you are just a gutter rat and you want to pull others into the gutter with you. I have seen many shots-- and not still shots-- of jails and prisons and they are just as full of whites as blacks. Keep your mouth shut-- and your fingers off the keyboard-- unless you know something!

Dr Strangelove

Barbie500 the MSM is in bed with this administration. They never ask them or him a hard question. When this first happened he said, “If I had a son it would look like him.” He started the race baiting. As President he should have kept his mouth shut about this.

Mamma Griz

Dr. Strangelove:: And why should the president have kept his mouth shut. Maybe YOU should keep your mouth shut and your fingers off the keyboard.


Dr. Strangelove I looked up the article on ynn and it is true. I wonder why this story did not make national headlines and also why the president didn't comment on it. They need to start looking at why so many teenagers in Chicago are getting killed everyday. Sharpton and Jackson need to go there and help them. Isn't that where our President and Holder are from?

Dr Strangelove

Well Mr. Race Baiting President we noticed you didn’t comment about the story below. Black neighborhood watch man shot and killed a 17 year old white teen:

Now this guy was also found not guilty and should have; he was being attacked by a 17 year old thug and defended himself just like Zimmerman did. Noticed the major media markets didn’t run with this story?


@ Red and yellow, black and white, we’re all precious in His sight.

I remember this song very well. And it seems once I think about it, and looking at the order in which the colors were written, I'm at the end of that pecking order. [smile]

I remember when I was a kid and because of an argument, a black friend of mine called me a 'white potato'. Which then made me say ,well you're black. Wrong thing to say at the time , the PC word to say was colored.

One thing my friend Edna and I had going for us that isn't always in effect today. We both had common sense thinking mothers. Neither one of them called on any government authority or org. to straighten out, what their two kids were involved in, as far as calling each other what was then racial names.
They just made both of us go into our houses and stay until the next day when we both wanted to 'be friends' again.

The boy Trayvon Martin or any boy (or girl) shouldn't feel the need to be afraid walking on any street in America. That's what America is for , Americans.
If they aren't guilty of doing anything other then, 'acting strange' walking in the rain, talking on a phone to a girl , why should they be afraid ?

If any have had sons/daughters who have been in their teen years, any would have to say, they can act strange at times. They can do some strange things. It doesn't mean, they're dangerous.

I'm not willing to accept that Trayvon Martin was the one totally in the wrong when he met his death, Since the only one I have to tell me that is the one who killed him.

However it wouldn't be to the benefit of any of our children to allow any government authority or any org. help escalate any further problems. Since it wouldn't be in the interest of Trayvon Martin's name, or any of our children, no matter what color they are. But rather for a self served purpose,


In this case, the teenager had 4 minutes to walk away and go home, to mind his own business. He did not. He returned to the area or concealed himself in ambush, waiting for Mr. Zimmerman to arrive. The teenager then assaulted Mr. Zimmerman.


I may be more willing to accept that If, I had been on the scene were the shooting happened, along with the shooter and the one who was shot, But I wasn't .


There's no need to "accept" it; these are the facts and they are undisputed.

Mamma Griz

Bubba:: Who said he had four minutes? Somebody who wasn't there? An eyewitness who didn't see anything-- but is a friend of George's? The only story we got was Zimmerman's, and that could have been a story that he concocted on the spur of the moment. He told the police numerous versions-- they got to pick out the one that made him appear an angel. Yes, he was-- The Angel of Death. The facts? As told by Zimmerman? Which fact-- the one where Trayvon jumped out of a bush? There were no big enough bushes that Trayvon could have hidden behind. Oh maybe he had hidden behind a tree-- but the only tree there was a scrawny bare-naked one. I don't accept a fact given by a guy who assaulted three police men, had a domestic disturbance charge against him, who said he didn't know the basics of the Stand Your Ground law-- but was in the class the day it was discussed. A guy who is on two prescription drugs that are mind-altering drugs. But his father is a retired judge and his mother is a court reporter. One way to get out of trouble-- sweep things under the rug.


Florida's "Stand Your Ground" was not applicable in this case; Mr. Zimmerman used deadly force in self defense as clearly authorized by Florida law.

Many have commented upon this matter without a form grasp of the facts or the law, and this is a perfect example. You have cited a law that didn't apply and was not used by the defense at trial.

Further, Florida violated its own law by illegally charging Mr. Zimmerman after acting in self defense under Florida law; the state broke their own law by arresting and charging Mr. Zimmerman.

This happened as a racist lynch mob arrived in Florida, demanding a lynching, when it was clear this was a matter of self defense, and this mob was then placated by a failed Florida government.

Mamma Griz

Bubba:: "It was clear"? Clear as mud, since the only side to the story was George Zimmerman's. PROVE that a racist lynch mob arrived in Florida. The only "mob" I saw was a bunch of people PEACEFULLY gathering. Maybe you watched Faux Nooz!

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