To our readers:

Today’s edition of the Killeen Daily Herald has a new look, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed.

The redesigned newspaper is the product of several months of consultation, planning and preparation — all aimed at bringing an even better, more reader-friendly publication to the Central Texas community.

Right off the bat, you’ll no doubt notice the streamlined design and enhanced use of color, including our new, more modern flag bearing the Herald name. Our updated look includes new headline styles and a greater emphasis on graphics, as well as easier-to-read photo captions.

Inside today’s Herald, you’ll find new and expanded sections, including a four-page ViewPoints section that builds on our popular Opinion section.

Each week, ViewPoints will offer more columnists, a gallery of political cartoons and a feature called RedBlue America, in which an issue of national interest is debated.

All of the Herald’s sections have a new look, with the section name on the left side and teasers at the top to help direct our readers to interesting content elsewhere in the paper and on our website. Two sections in our Sunday edition — Our Texas and Living Here — have expanded to eight pages in order to accommodate more local news, features, photographs and other community information.

As part of our redesign, the Herald has strived to make reading our paper an easier, more enjoyable experience. Through this process, called sequencing, we’ve anchored some of our popular elements such as comics, Dear Abby and the daily crossword puzzle — so you’ll know where to find them every day.

During the week, you’ll find that some of our sections have changed names. Monday’s Wellness section is now Health. Saturday’s Religion section is now called Faith, and our popular weekend Home and Garden section is now simply At Home. Of course, all these sections will continue to offer the quality content you have come to expect and enjoy.

The Herald’s new look also extends to our three weekly newspapers — the Copperas Cove Herald, the Harker Heights Herald and the Fort Hood Herald. Each paper reflects the updated look and feel of the daily paper, while retaining the independent brands and unique content that have made them popular with Herald readers.

For more than 121 years, the Killeen Daily Herald has strived to provide our readers with the latest fair and accurate news and information. As the community has grown from a small cotton town to a thriving metropolitan area, the Herald has grown along with it, constantly seeking to improve our products and services.

Over the years, we’ve added a user-friendly website,, which offers the latest online news, features, photos, videos and blogs. We’ve expanded our online sports coverage through, which provides streaming coverage of local sporting events, as well as columns, photos and videos. In addition, we’ve launched several niche publications and a versatile printing service.

The Herald stands out as a successful multimedia company amid the decline in the newspaper industry nationwide. While many other papers are reducing the size of their publications and eliminating popular features, the Herald is expanding and enhancing the products we offer our readers and advertisers.

This emphasis on growth is more than just a good business model. It represents our faith and confidence in the future of newspapers as a viable, credible source of news and information. It also represents our continuing commitment to the Central Texas community.

And the feature-filled, reader-friendly Herald publications we’re launching this week are the latest examples of that commitment.

We sincerely hope you enjoy them all.

Dave Miller

Deputy managing editor

Contact Dave Miller at or (254) 501-7543

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Kudos & keep up that multimedia expansion. Will continue to take the paper with the morning coffee.

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