COPPERAS COVE — Two infrastructure projects voters approved in 2008 may move into the construction-bid phase by year’s end.

One project battled several easement issues, prolonging its completion.

Copperas Cove’s northeast sewer line and northeast waterline projects should have adequate funding to accept bids in the next couple of months, City Manager Andrea Gardner said.

“We would expect those projects to move into bid letting (for construction contractors) very soon,” she said. “I would expect the November and December time frame.”

Portions of the sewer line project, which is replacing an undersized sewer line and installing a larger wastewater transmission main, have been completed, Gardner said.

The remainder of the project was bid out in January 2010 but a portion of the contract was let go while the city negotiated agreements for easements.

The line that is supposed to run from the Northeast Sewer Plant to the Five Hills shopping center was completed up to a railroad adjacent to U.S. Highway 190 near the Martin Luther King Jr. intersection. The project now needs to cross under the railroad tracks and extend to the city’s east pump station before boring under U.S. 190 to connect to existing lines.

Cove needed several easements from property owners in the area to run the line, Gardner said. Fort Hood easements also needed to be obtained. All were recently approved. “Easements have been a problem,” she said.

It will take an estimated $130,000 to finish the sewer line project.

“I suspect that it will cost more than what we have there,” Gardner said. “We will have to move money over from the water line project.”

Because voters approved a loan for the two projects in a $5.125 million bond in 2008, the city can divide the funds however it deems necessary.

The water line project includes installing a 16-inch pipe from the East Side Pump Station to the 7-Mile Tank, according to the city’s 2011 Capital Improvement Plan.

Engineers plan to run the line down Constitution Drive and then turn on MLK to avoid a drainage ditch, Gardner said.

With $2.483 million set aside for the water line project, Gardner said she hopes the funds will cover the sewer line construction and help fund at least one more water project.

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