• August 30, 2016

Featured Rental Agencies


JWC Property Management

3800 S W S Young Dr Ste 101
Killeen, TX 76542

Phone: 254-526-5921

Executive Property Management

401 South Main Street Suite 300
Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Phone: 254-518-3590

Fort Hood Family Housing

18010 TJ Mills Blvd #B209
Ft Hood, TX 76544

Phone: 254-230-9013


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(BPT) - America has home renovation fever. At one time, a handful of home improvement shows were on late at night or during the day, but now entire networks are dedicated to showcasing remodels, flips, additions and new constructions.

Make Homeownership Affordable for Your Family

(StatePoint) If homeownership feels like it’s beyond your reach, don’t throw in the towel just yet on the American dream. In the face of an ever-widening housing affordability gap, there are options you may not have considered, say experts.

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Relocating in 2016? 6 tips for a stress free move

(BPT) - Does the prospect of moving have you buzzing with excitement? Or are you left with worries about packing and clutter? This moving season, an estimated 40 million Americans will move or relocate, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Get unhinged: 3 ways to create visually striking doors in your home

(BPT) - Think of a door opening and closing.

Houses: Building them better than they used to

(BPT) - The phrase, “they don’t build them like they used to,” has been applied to nearly everything from cars to footwear, but most often it seems people say it about houses. In fact, this sentiment has become so common, that many believe the homes today aren’t built to the standards they were 60 or 70 years ago.

5 interest rate terms every first-time homebuyer should know

(BPT) - You’ve saved enough for a down payment, your budget is looking good and you’re earning steady income. You’re at the point in your life where you feel confident you’re ready to buy that first home. Congratulations! Buying a home is one of the most exciting and rewarding purchases you’ll ever make. However, if it’s your first time shopping for a mortgage, you may not be super knowledgeable about some of the financing terms you’ll hear, including “interest rates.”

Simple summer home improvement: Upgrade your curb appeal

(BPT) - Summer is a great time to complete your home improvement projects, but deciding which ones to tackle can be overwhelming. Here are a few simple curb appeal projects you can tackle this summer to welcome your family and friends into your home with style.

What to Look for in a New House This Home Buying Season

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - Mortgage rates have remained low, and home prices are stable or rising in most communities.