The Texas State USBC Open Tournament is under way with the team event at Mel's Lone Star Lanes in Georgetown and doubles and singles at Westgate Lanes in South Austin.

A total of 778 teams are scheduled to compete, along with 1,958 doubles and 4,095 all-events entries. They will compete for $160,139 in prize money.

Many local teams saw competition this past weekend and King's Court is currently in ninth place in Division 2 with a score of 3,753. C&W Pro Shop Misfits are in 13th place with 3,712.

Team Wonderbread, with 3,715, is in 8th place in Division 4. New Beginnings has the 12th spot with 3,662. "5" Pins have 19th place with 3,623.

We Got Spirit, in Division 5, posted 3,581 for 12th place, and C&W Pro Shop New Bee's have 15th place with 3,437.

Rullie Haywood and Birce Miller are in first place in Division 2 doubles with 1,660. Allen Ward and Timothy George are in first place in Division 5 with 1,642.

Ward is also in first place in Division 5 all-events with 2,574.


The Greater Killeen Fort Hood USBC Association Senior Tournament will be held at Killeen Bowlerama Apr. 28-29. The event is open to all association members age 50 and over.


The Association manager informed me that the annual Greater Killeen Fort Hood USBC Association meeting was held Saturday with 25 association members present.

The complete minutes of that meeting will be posted in the association newsletter at a later date and can be found at


The Bowling Proprietors Association of America announced that Britney Spears has been named the 2012 Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame champion and will be inducted into the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.

I'm still trying to figure out why we even have such a Hall and does anyone really care?


Mark Williams of Beaumont is currently tied with Amleto Monacelli for 9th place in the PBA Senior Sun Bowl in the Villages (Fla). Monacelli is making

his senior debut at the age of 50.

Tom Baker leads the field, averaging 258 in the first round. After 16 games, Baker has a total pinfall of 3,857.


Some things to ponder - 179.69 was the average score rolled by the 189 amateurs for the 18 games of qualifying in the U.S. Open. The 46 PBA exempt pros in the tournament averaged 204.1. Not as easy as it seems.

-What is causing the decline in tournament participation for our association? Our Open tournament dropped from 51 teams to 24 in a year. The women's tournament went from 17 to 14 and the men's event from 28 to 13. It's time to support your association and back these tournaments.

-It's time to plan for the new season of the Traveling Classic Bowling Association. A once-prospering travel league has become a shell of itself over the past few years. Recruiting is part of the problem, as is where the league will compete. It's time to bury the hatchet and move on and support this league and all the centers.

-I have really enjoyed bowling in the senior league at Bowlerama and Phantom Warrior Lanes and have recruited a team for Hallmark this fall. I hope I have the strength for three leagues. It's time for the gym.

-I love bowling, but right up there with it is baseball and my Texas Rangers. How 'bout those Rangers?

-We all bowl because we love the sport and the friendships, but if you had a choice, would you rather have a smoke-free center or not. Email me and let me know.

-My choice for PBA Player of the Year is Pete Weber. Regardless of the statistics, his win of the U.S. Open was the best clutch bowling I have ever seen and gives him a record five U.S. Open titles, a record I believe will never be equaled, let alone beaten.

-Having not bowled in a very long time I find that my timing is completely messed up. I need a coach. Any volunteers?

See you on the lanes.

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