By Raegan Stanley

Killeen Daily Herald

LAMPASAS The Lampasas Badgers fans were really impressed at the beginning of Saturday's scrimmage – with the Shoemaker Grey Wolves.

"Those boys came out ready to play," "They're excited. Our guys need to get that way," and "They're taking this serious, like our guys should be," were a few of the comments heard in the stands by those dressed in Badger attire.

The talk really picked up when cornerback Lyvell Marzett and a few helpers hit Lampasas' Cole Ball so hard his helmet flew off. He wasn't injured but the hit served to light a fire under the Grey Wolves.

The defense also picked off two passes by Badgers quarterback Van Milligan.

"The kids did really good today," said head coach Ken Gray. "Defensively, I was pleased. They really did a good job of flying to the ball, a real good job of just getting after it.

"You always have expectations as coaches and all, and like I told the kids, I didn't give them a long speech or anything, just told them 'set your expectations high and stay focused to reach them' and they did."

Offensively, SHS quarterback Andre Smith completed the majority of his passes, long and short.

In the 20-minute live scrimmage, each team scored once and Shoemaker missed a field goal.

"Offensively, I was really proud of our quarterback (Andre Smith) and our offensive line did a tremendous job," Gray said. "And the kids we expected to do good – our quarterback, running back and receivers – they all played well. The biggest surprise was how well our offensive line played."

Gray said the team will continue to work on its conditioning to prepare for the next games. The Wolves open the season against El Paso Socorro at Angelo State University in San Angelo on Saturday at 1 p.m.

"We're going to take every game one by one," Gray said. "We need to be better next week than we were today and I think we will be. They understand how far we've come and where we need to go from here."

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