By Nick Talbot

Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON - At times Belton looked unstoppable.

Whenever David Ash was protected in the pocket and throwing the ball deep, the Tigers scored with ease.

Ash completed 9 of 15 passes for 277 yards and three touchdowns in the 20-minute first-team offensive session in the Tigers' scrimmage Friday against Waco High.

Adrian Henderson was in the middle of it all. Henderson caught four passes for 140 yards and two touchdowns.

"It was good to see everything in a game-speed situation, putting the whole package together," Ash said. "I felt like we were on the same page most of the night."

When Belton ran the ball, though, it was not nearly as captivating.

On the Tigers' fifth series, Ash hit Ranger Burba for a 62-yard gain to the 1-yard line, but with three attempts to punch it in, the Tigers could not get it done.

Donavan Williams was tackled behind the line of scrimmage all three times.

Williams did shine in the passing game, though, catching a 70-yard score from Ash. He also scored Belton's only touchdown of the red zone portion of the scrimmage, jaunting in from 9 yards.

"I thought our protection was good except for one or two times," Belton coach Rodney Southern said. "We still did not run the ball as well as I wanted too, but Waco is not bad defensively up front."

Waco, meanwhile, took to the ground a bit better.

The Lions carried the ball 21 times for 162 yards in its first team session, chewing through the defensive line before getting stopped by the Tiger linebackers and secondary.

"That 20-minute period is tough," Southern said. "I hope we are never on the field 20 minutes defensively. If we are, we are getting pounded. But, to get some of the wide-eyed look out of their system … then that is gone until next Friday until about 7:25 (p.m.)."

The scrimmage consisted of the first teams each taking turns in 20-minute periods and then had the second teams play in 15-minute period. Then each first team got 10 plays from the 25-yard line and each second team was given six.

Despite running the ball well at times, Waco only scored once in its seven possessions in the 20-minute period. Both teams scored a defensive touchdown.

"I thought (the defense) was good in spurts and then there were some spurts where we got pushed off the ball," Southern said. "But, we did not blitz as much as we normally would or move the line as much … but we've got to be able to lineup six or seven deep."

In the second team portions of the scrimmage, Jonathan Paysse was not as flashy in how he got it done, but the senior quarterback led just as many touchdown drives as Ash.

He did it in fewer chances, too, leading the Tigers to three scores in five possessions in his 15 minutes. Paysse completed six of his 10 attempts and had a 35-yard TD pass to Levi Jordan and a 70 yarder to Darius Ewing.

Belton only scored once in its 16 plays in the red zone portion of the scrimmage with Williams scoring on the 9-yard run, while Waco scored twice.

"… It is hard to say when you scrimmage (how you looked), but we did not let them in the end zone a whole lot," Southern said. "I am a lot more pleased than I was at this time last year. "

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