Sarah Minton, 26, is beginning her third year as the assistant sports information director at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. 

“Sarah is priceless,” said UMHB men’s golf head coach Aaron Rodeffer. “Whatever we pay her is not enough.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Sarah,” said Jon Wallin, UMHB’s 16-year sports information director. “Her innovations and her creativity help increase awareness about our athletic department and our upcoming events.

“I wonder how we ever got by without her.”

Sarah Minton played soccer for Waxahachie High School. She graduated from the University of North Texas while majoring in journalism.

“Sports and football are in my blood,” she said. “My dad is a high school football coach (Terry Minton, assistant head coach at Waxahachie). I’m the oldest of three sisters so I guess you could say I’m daddy’s favorite son.

“I was raised with a really strong work ethic. If I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it right.”

Minton said she wasn’t nervous while interviewing for the job as UMHB’s assistant SID. One of the first administrators she met was Randy Mann, Vice President for Athletics.

“I taught Coach Mann how to put his phone on silence,” Minton said with a chuckle. “I thought that was a good first step.”

After getting the job as Wallin’s assistant, Minton used her considerable computer skills in helping promote the athletic department.

“We literally doubled our output and production with Sarah,” Wallin said. “For instance, now we have a huge fol-

lowing of our program on Twitter, which is something that didn’t even exist when I got here.”

“What Sarah can do on that computer is fantastic,” Rodeffer said. “She also has a huge creative spark. So you combine that technical knowledge with her fabulous creativity and each of our athletic programs are now able to put their best foot forward with the public and potential recruits.”

How does a school of less than 3,000 students pack over 7,000 fans into its football stadium?

Well, winning helps. And UMHB does a lot of that. The Cru are 50-4 over the past four years. But promotion, of course, is also an integral part of the attendance equation.

“Sarah does an incredible job for our football program,” said Pete Fredenburg, UMHB’s nationally acclaimed head coach.

“She knows the inner workings of football. She does a great job of helping us out on a daily basis. She does so much to promote our sport — and the other sports at our school — which makes all our lives better.”

Minton keeps statistics for the Cru.

“It’s definitely a challenging part of my job,” Minton said. “I’m wondering ‘Did I get it right? What will the coach say?’ You just run on adrenaline.”

Around the athletic department, Minton is known for her wit and good humor.

In April, she was carrying some papers, walking rather quickly, and fell down just outside the office of Julie Norris, UMHB’s assistant softball coach.

“Well,” Minton said, “Coach Norris had seen everything and she came by and said, ‘Are you OK?’ I said, ‘Yes, I was just practicing my slide.’ She waited a moment and then said to me, ‘That slide needs some more practice.’

“This is definitely a fun place to work.”

As for her future, Minton said, “I’m still young so I don’t know what my goals are. But, for sure, I just want to always be good at whatever I do — and always make sure I’m a positive contributor to my workplace.”

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