Reaction among some area coaches to Mack Brown’s resignation on Saturday ranged from sadness to shock. 

“Mack has done a lot of great things for the University of Texas,” said 11-year Killeen head football coach Sam Jones. “And he has the record to prove it. I hate to hear it. It’s very sad to me — but that’s the way the profession goes.

“Obviously if you’re wanted where you’re at, you stay. But he’s a solid coach and I’m sure he’ll get another opportunity to coach. All of this doesn’t mean that Mack Brown is not a great coach. But the bottom line is you must win.”

“If resigning is what Mack

Brown feels he wants to do, then he’s entitled to go out the way he wanted,” said Channon Hall, who has been the head football coach at Shoemaker the past three years. “He probably felt it was just time for someone else to take charge. He made a decision to try and help out the University of Texas in another way; I’m sure he’ll still be around in some way trying to guide them to success.”

Hall said the resignation should not hurt recruiting at Texas.

“The reason I don’t think his resignation will hurt recruiting there is because I do believe that Mack will still be affiliated with the University in some way or another. Texas will still get top kids to play there.”

“Earlier today, I was watching all of this on television, and it looked like Mack Brown would be staying,” said Lometa second-year head coach Jim Simpson. “He is a great guy and a great recruiter. So this is a shock to me.

“It is a change that’s probably needed. Mack has been there for 16 years, they’re due for a change. In the short term, I’m sure Texas will go after the top-name people for its next coach. They have one of the best facilities in the nation, so I really don’t think they’ll have any problem getting in a successful, big-name coach.

“In the long term, Texas will still keep getting good recruits. The bottom line is this: Texas will get back on the winning track.”

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