If the University of Texas fires --I'm sorry, accepts the resignation of -- Mack Brown, why not bring in Mike Singletary for the top job?

His roots in Texas run deep. He is arguably the greatest collegiate linebacker to ever play at a Texas school. Without question, he is among the all-time greats to ever play in the NFL.

If Mike Singletary walks into the kitchen of a high school kid and, by per coincidence, happens to be wearing his Super Bowl ring on one hand and his National Football League Hall of Fame ring on the other, don't you think Mr. Singletary will have that kid's attention?

Yeah, he went to Baylor, and that could be problematic for some UT diehards. But top young student-athletes want to play in the NFL. Let's face it: they all think they can. And Singletary, for sure, knows the way there.

He has been an outstanding assistant coach in the NFL for years. Sure, his sole head coaching stint, with the Niners, didn't go all that well.

But no candidate will be perfect.

Singletary is a winner.

And that's all UT really wants.

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UT would never even interview a man as forceful as Singletary, who might not want to cow down to the political BS in Austin. That's not exactly in keeping with the football mentality of an All-Pro linebacker.

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