• February 24, 2017

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BOB MAINDELLE: Blade baits nudge out vertical tactics as water warms

With the season’s first catches of white bass now taking place at and beyond the logjam area on the Leon River above Belton Lake, and above the Gravel Crossing area on the Lampasas River on Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir, there is no doubt we are experiencing an early spring and an earlier than normal start to the white bass spawn.

BOB MAINDELLE: Stillhouse producing quantity and quality right now

Jaime Gonzales, an avid reader of this column from Harker Heights, phoned me recently. He explained how he and his two friends, Ruben Cavazos and Jose Chapa, routinely fished on Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir but did not enjoy the kind of success I regularly report my clients enjoying while fishing that body of water. The trio desired to book a trip with me to see if they might learn a thing or two to help them in their own angling pursuits.

BOB MAINDELLE: Mild winter has pre-spawn white bass on the move

Thanks to a winter that has been quite mild thus far, it currently appears that the much-anticipated annual white bass spawning run will start a bit earlier than usual this season.

BOB MAINDELLE: Local duo beat wind to win TuffMan championship tourney

After competing in four tournaments to earn their way to the championship event held Jan. 21-22, 61 teams made the cut and went head to head in the final of the 17th annual TuffMan championship two-day, two-lake tournament. The first day was spent on Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir and the second day was spent on Belton Lake.

BOB MAINDELLE: SKIESUnlimited program opens angling opportunities for youth

Thirteen-year-old Charley Elgin had only a little prior fishing experience before stepping aboard my boat Monday. Elgin had fished with his grandfather in northern California using spinning gear, tossing out bobbers with worms suspended beneath in hopes of catching bass.

BOB MAINDELLE: Central Texas Boat Show coming to Expo Center next weekend

There is more to a boat show these days than just boats. This year’s 41st annual Central Texas Boat Show next weekend at the Bell County Expo Center is a case in point.

BOB MAINDELLE: Stinger hooks increase odds of landing winter largemouths

As the winds shifted from the southwest to northwest Tuesday, the season’s second significant arctic cold front moved into Central Texas, dropping lows into the 20s and allowing highs only in the 40s. This will push the water temperature on our local reservoirs down 2-3 more degrees from the 57-degree average we had on both Belton and Stillhouse Hollow prior to the front.

BOB MAINDELLE: Some New Year’s resolutions to become a better angler

It is New Year’s Day. No doubt you are already eating well, exercising regularly and have long ago sworn off all your bad habits. So why not focus on fishing when it comes to making a few New Year’s resolutions?

BOB MAINDELLE: Winter fishing a family-friendly outing, even in the cold

Wednesday afternoon’s guided fishing trip on Belton Lake played out just as the majority of the fishing trips I will conduct on both Belton and Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir will between now and mid-March.

BOB MAINDELLE: A birthday gift, Christmas present and reunion all in one

Like most Fort Hood families, Sean Webber and his wife, Ashley, are far removed from extended family.

BOB MAINDELL: Winter wind patterns dictate best times for fishing

If you are like many Americans, you will likely have a few vacation days to invest above and beyond your normal days off this month. By observing wind direction and speed you can better gauge which days to be on the lake and which days would be better spent whittling down your honey-do list.

BOB MAINDELLE: Remaining still enhances success in cool water

It happens every year around the end of November and into December — our water temperatures begin to drop and fish go on a feeding spree as temperatures fall into their preferred temperature range.

BOB MAINDELLE: Tandem rigging doubles the catch in cold water

Last week saw the sharpest fall in water surface temperature thus far this autumn.

BOB MAINDELLE: Fish-finding birds are returning south to Central Texas

There is no doubt that this autumn has been slow in coming. Balmy weather, infrequent cold fronts, a lack of frost and water temperatures still in the low 70’s this week all point to an extended fishing season this winter.

BOB MAINDELLE: Belton Lake white bass record lasts just four days

When South Dakota’s Garvon Golden caught the lake-record white bass aboard my boat on Oct. 25, it replaced the catch-and- release category record that had stood since 2009. Golden’s moment of fame would be just that ... momentary.

BOB MAINDELLE: Home Front Fishing organization is way for soldiers to help soldiers

When Sgt. 1st Class Dan Brown, a U.S. Army infantryman with 19 years in the service, lost several of his “battle buddies” to suicide, and saw others struggling to get helpful care through Veterans Affairs as they tried to cope with stress, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress, he began to brainstorm about what solutions he might bring to this problem.

BOB MAINDELLE: Visitor from South Dakota catches lake-record white bass at Belton

While out on Belton Lake fishing with a father-daughter pair two Mondays ago, my cellphone rang. Phil Moore, a Killeen resident for over 30 years, a Vietnam war veteran, and recently retired from his long-time position as the maintenance and facilities manager at Memorial Baptist Church, called to arrange a fishing trip for himself and his brother-in-law, Garvon Golden.

BOB MAINDELLE: Obtaining info on area gamefish is shocking experience

Can you remember when you were a kid and had something so exciting taking place the next day that you had trouble sleeping the night before? Well, at age 47 I had one of those nights earlier this month, all thanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

BOB MAINDELLE: Seasonal fish movements now underway at area lakes

The cold front that blew into Central Texas two weeks ago left cool, clear, post-frontal conditions in its wake and triggered the first fish movements of the fall season this week.

BOB MAINDELLE: Fate creates a winning combo at high school bass tourney

Early on Sept. 18, 41 two-person teams from across Central Texas set out on Belton Lake by boat, with each pair of youths accompanied by an adult boat captain.

Cooling weather helping fishing at Stillhouse, Belton

The fish are back.

BOB MAINDELLE: Fishing for Freedom event is a way to say ‘thank you’

It is the most well-attended fishing event in Central Texas each year. It is the annual Fishing for Freedom bass tournament, and it will be taking place Oct. 7-8.

BOB MAINDELLE: Belton Lake yielding hybrids early, catfish late

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of fishing on Belton Lake with two longtime Killeen residents, Payton Duncan and Bob Word.

BOB MAINDELLE: Killeen boy sets junior record at Belton Lake

About two weeks ago, U.S. Army Maj. Marion “Liz” Williams, of Killeen, contacted me with a bit of a dilemma. Her twin 9-year-old boys, Caleb and Tyler Williams, wanted to go fishing, but, as a single mom with limited fishing experience, Liz was not sure if she was up to the challenge.