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When it comes to local bass fishing events, the annual Fishing for Freedom banquet and tournament are simply unparalleled.

As our Central Texas reservoirs reach their annual peak temperatures, anglers often probe water deeper than 15-20 feet to find fish. Any time fish are caught from deep water, barotrauma is a possibility. The extra stress that summer heat puts on fish retained in a live well can amplify the n…

This past Tuesday evening, 58 teams participated in the 19th Tuesday night 3X9 Series bass tournament held on Stillhouse Hollow this season. The total number of fish brought to the scales for weigh-in was 90, and the cumulative weight of those fish was just over 242 pounds, hence an average …

Now 17 tournaments into a 30-tournament schedule, the Tuesday night 3x9 Series bass tournament held on Stillhouse Lake saw a record turnout this week with 63 teams vying for a payout of over $1,000 to the first-place team.

Topwater time is here. The young-of-the-year shad which were spawned toward the beginning of the roughly 10-week long threadfin shad spawn have already grown out to nearly an inch in length. These small fish have moved to open water where they now feed upon algae blooming near the surface.

On the  afternoon of May 20, Michelle Oster and her three children were treated to a free, four-hour fishing trip on Belton Lake during which the kids, 15-year-old Alicia Wegmann, 9-year-old Jayden Lamay, and 8-year-old Giovanni Lamay, landed 95 fish, including mainly hybrid striped bass and…

Despite damp, southerly winds gusting over 23 miles per hour, 45 two-angler teams showed up ready to compete at  Tuesday’s 11th 3X9 Series bass tournament of the 2017 season held on Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir.

On Saturday morning, May 6th, Jereme Hosch and Garret Hennig set out on Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir to scout out productive areas in hopes of returning to fish those areas on the following Tuesday’s 3X9 Series tournament.

On Wednesday morning, Jonathan and Sarah Manning of Copperas Cove and their children, Emily and Jacob, took a guided fishing trip with me on Belton Lake based on the recommendation of Kirk Bateman, a friend of theirs from Eastside Baptist Church. This trip was an early gift to Sarah for Moth…

With eight of the planned 30 bass tournament events now completed, the top three two-angler teams are as follows: In first place are brothers Adrian and Daniel Barnes, in second place is the team of James Millsap and Jody Berger, and in third place is the team of Floyd and Vickie Lesiker.

Big fish eat little fish. This week alone, even with Belton Lake’s fishery still somewhat negatively impacted by the recent flooding and ongoing heavy release of water from the dam, clients of mine landed over 520 fish, with many of the largest fish — hybrid striped bass — taken on live shad.

On April 1, 221 two-angler teams launched out on Belton Lake competing for a first-place purse that totaled over $32,000 for the team bringing in the heaviest five-fish limit of bass in only the second Texas Teams Trail Tournament event to visit Belton Lake since the organization was founded.