Area angling expert Bob Maindelle said fishing in the area over the past week has been consistently good.

“We’ve had very stable weather and therefore good, predictable fishing,” said Maindelle, owner of Holding The Line Guide Service. “The fishing has been solid, consistent. It’s made for productive fishing.

“The stability of the weather puts fish into a routine. They do the same things at the same time, in the same places, day after day. And that is now helping the anglers.”

Maindelle said Belton Lake has shown major improvement.

“The fishing at Belton has been very good,” he said. “The first 90 minutes of light and the last 40 minutes of light have seen strong topwater bites by white bass, hybrid striper and smallmouth.

“The best way to catch the fish on Belton is this: You have to imitate the very small forage-size which right now is 1 1/4-inch threadfin shad.”

According to Maindelle, Decker Lake and Lake Bastrop have also been producing.

“For those two lakes, as soon as the direct sun hits the water at 7:30 or 8 a.m., schooling largemouth bass are eating threadfin shad over open water,” Maindelle said. “Of the two lakes, Decker gets the nod as far as quality goes in terms of size of fish.”

Maindelle said the next week might be tougher.

“We are looking at a tough five-day stretch now,” he said. “We’re having a mild cold front turning our winds out of a northerly direction. The atmosphere pressure will be high and we’re also moving into a phase of the moon where we are waxing into a full moon right now. And all of these things will make things tough in the next few days.”

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