Area anglers are still in a tough bind.

“Things are still terrible,” said Dean Thompson, co-owner of Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle. “You can’t get on the lakes right now. Recreation people can’t even get on the lakes because it’s too dangerous. And there won’t be any better news until towards the end of July.”

Recent dry and hot days haven’t really helped the situation, according to Thompson.

“It’s really got nothing to do with the weather conditions anymore,” he said. “It’s the release. They can only release so much water per day. Belton Lake is still on the rise because Lake Proctor is releasing water.”

There is a slight improvement with regard to Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir.

“Stillhouse is coming down,” Thompson said. “It’s coming down about 3 inches per day. We’re still 16 to 17 feet over the normal lake levels. All the parks are flooded. The parking lots are flooded. There is no access to the lake.

“It’s going to take a while before it’s safe to use the lake.”

Tightlines is the weekly sponsor for the “Tuesday Night Tournament.”

“Once the lakes get back to being useable, for our fishing tournament, we’re going to go to two a week,” he said. “Right now, our usual tournament guys have to travel three to four hours to fish in any lakes. On Lady Bird Lake, you can only use a kayak right now.”

Thompson said fishing conditions should be fine in the autumn. In fact, compared to normal years, this fall may prove more fruitful.

“I actually think the fishing should be better than normal this fall because there is no pressure on the fish right now,” he said. “Right now, the fish are thinking, ‘Where is everybody at?’”

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