3X9 Fishing Series April 28

Skyler Carothers, left, captured the single largest bass of the Tuesday Night 3X9 Series tournament held on Stillhouse Lake. Carothers and his partner, Zane Washburn, competed against 41 other teams. Their big bass weighed 8.24 pounds.

Courtesy | Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle

With eight of the planned 30 bass tournament events now completed, the top three two-angler teams are as follows: In first place are brothers Adrian and Daniel Barnes, in second place is the team of James Millsap and Jody Berger, and in third place is the team of Floyd and Vickie Lesiker.

Tuesday’s event was a windy one, with several of the regularly competing teams electing not to fish due to the high winds. In all, 42 teams ventured out on Stillhouse Hollow in a quest for the heaviest three-fish limit each could muster.

To their credit, Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle, the organizers of the 3X9 series, have imposed a three-fish limit in the interest of conservation. Legally, a two-person team could keep 10 fish, but a crowded livewell is known to increase stress and decrease survival rates for captured bass, especially in the warmer summer months.

By the close of the event, Army Cpt. Tyler Fonseca, who fished unaccompanied, prevailed with a three-fish limit weighing 15.04 pounds. Nipping at Fonseca’s heels were the Barnes brothers, who brought in 14.51 pounds of fish for a second-place finish for the night.

Fonseca suggests weekend anglers heading out on Stillhouse keep an eye out for white bass feeding on shad on topwater for numbers of smaller fish, and, for larger bass, he suggests looking in 14-16 feet of water using a Shaky Head rig equipped with a green pumpkin Senko.

A young team comprised of Skyler Carothers and Zane Washburn brought in the single largest fish of the contest, a largemouth that tipped the scales at 8.24 pounds. This helped boost this team to a third-place finish for the night, with a total weight of 9.64 pounds.

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