These days, in this area, plenty of high-quality tournament anglers are singing the blues.

Wade Golden, of Little River Academy, part of a second-place team in the Tuesday Night Tournament said, “The water temperature is simply too hot to have good fishing.

“I really have no idea how to deal with these tough conditions. Everybody has an opinion. But that’s why they call this sport ‘fishing’ and not ‘catching.’”

Cody Randolph, another consistent tournament angler from Belton said, “The fishing is terrible right now. That’s usually how it is every summer around here.”

Randolph said Belton Lake is producing slightly better than Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir.

“Belton is giving you more bites than Stillhouse right now,” Randolph said. “Why? I couldn’t tell you. It’s normally the opposite.”

Ed Cole, of Belton, has won numerous fishing tournaments this season.

“It’s very tough right now,” Cole said. “It’s just hot. Fish are like people. When it’s hot they don’t want to move around. We actually ran into some 91-degree water while fishing Tuesday on Stillhouse.

“You just hope you come across that one hungry fish. Sporadically, we have been catching some fish in around 10 to 12 feet of water.”

Cole said he’s optimistic things will improve.

“In the middle of September, when it starts cooling off a bit, fishing will improve,” Cole said. “But if you aren’t out there, you won’t catch them.

“There is some reason for optimism, even now. On Sunday, we went in the middle of the day and we were catching nice, solid fish in deep water.

“But then on Tuesday, we could see the fish on the grass but we could not get them to bite. Overall? Things will get better in September.”

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