Tuesday Night 3X9 Series

Quinten Twiggs, left, and Ingo Smith landed 18.88 pounds of bass, including an 8.47-pounder, to take first place in Tuesday’s 3X9 Series bass tournament at Stillhouse Hollow Lake. The pair landed these outsized fish on Carolina rigs fished in deep water.

In 3X9 Series bass tourney action Tuesday night, the bite seemed to move back offshore once again at Stillhouse Hollow Lake now that hot, dry, sunny, high-pressure weather once again firmly rooted itself over Central Texas.

Finishing on top this week was the team of Quinten Twiggs and Ingo Smith. The two have fished together as a team for two years now and are longtime friends.

Twiggs and Smith brought in 18.88 pounds of fish, including the contest’s largest bass, which weighed 8.47 pounds.

Twiggs said his team’s fish all came on Carolina rigs fished in about 30 feet of water.

Catching largemouth from out of deep water and then keeping them in a livewell is often a risky proposition, especially in the summer months.

Fish taken from deep water undergo rapid decompression of their swim bladder, thus allowing gases in that organ to expand. When fish are held in a livewell, they are unable to swim back to the depths to recompress those gases. They often die as a result.

Well-prepared anglers like Twiggs and Smith come ready for such a possibility. The pair used a hollow needle-like device called a “Bends Mender” to “fizz” their fish, thus relieving the pressure on the swim bladder by inserting this device into a particular spot in the rear of the fishes’ mouths and allowing the accumulated gases to escape.

Tirso and Michael Lopez finished second this week with 9.34 pounds. John Guerra and Glen Holcomb finished third with 8.89 pounds.

This week, 49 two-angler teams ventured out and returned to the scales with 57 fish to be weighed in. The cumulative weight of those fish was 137.66 pounds. Of those 49 teams, 25 weighed in at least one fish.

The Tuesday Night 3x9 Series is open to the public. Individuals and teams may enter the series at any point in the 30-event schedule.

For information, contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474.

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