Glen Holcomb, of Kempner, and Charlie Gantenbein, of Temple, earned a first-place purse of $1,380 for winning the Tuesday Night Tournament with a three-fish bag weighing 12.24 pounds. 

The weekly tournament held at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir is sponsored by Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle. It begins at 6 p.m. and concludes at 9.

“That’s a pretty good weight we had,” Holcomb said. “We’ve been struggling on Tuesday nights but we’ve done well this year in other events. This Tuesday, we had all our fish by 6:40, and then culled one time. Once it got dark, the fish quit biting for us.

“I don’t know if there was any one key to us winning this week — we just each have a lot of experience on this lake. We know a lot of spots. We decided on one spot, we went there, and immediately it worked for us. The fish were just there for us.

“We thought it would be a pretty good night when I caught a fish on the second cast.”

The duo weren’t overconfident heading back to shore for the weigh-in.

“There’s never a feeling ‘We won it’ because there are a lot of very good anglers in this event,” Holcomb said. “We actually weren’t comfortable until the last angler weighed in.”

The turnout this year for the TNT has been strong. On Tuesday, 45 teams entered.

Two teams tied for second place. Robert Balades-Duane George and Chris King-Jason Garza each brought in three fish and each team weighed in at 10.49 pounds. Fourth place went to John Guerra-Fred Cosper (10.45) and in fifth was Billy Conway-Rick Smith (9.12).

“Charlie and I are glad we got this win,” Holcomb said. “We’ll be out there next week — and try to pull in the title again.”

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