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Perry Dixon holds the 7.54-pound largemouth bass his teammate, Levi Green, landed on a 10-inch long grape plastic worm. This was the single largest fish of the 92 weighed in during the three-hour event. The men finished eighth.

Fifteen of the 30 scheduled Tuesday 3x9 Series tournaments are now in the record books with what many consider the tougher half of the season to come.

Summer fishing will obviously be hotter. The fishing is typically slower, and concerns about caring for heat-stressed fish in the livewell become a very real matter.

On Tuesday, 53 teams launched around 6 p.m. out of the Stillhouse Park launch near the marina, including one kayaker, Elliot Youngstrom, who decided to pit people power against horsepower and paddle his way to his fishing areas.

These teams weighed in 92 bass with a cumulative weight of 240.29 pounds.

Once again, Adrian and Daniel Barnes beat the rest of the field with a three-fish limit of 13.34 pounds.

The team of Gary Friedel and Jacob Froeses secured second place with a three-fish limit of 13.12 pounds, and Jason Garza and Robert Aviles finished third with 12.33 pounds of bass.

The top three berths in the year-to-date standings remained unchanged from last week with Adrian and Daniel Barnes in first place, James Millsap and Jody Berger in second place, and Floyd and Vickie Lesiker in third place.

The team of Levi Green and Perry Dixon brought in the single largest bass of the night, weighing 7.54 pounds. It boosted them to an eighth-place finish.

The team reported landing the fish on a 10-inch, grape-colored plastic worm.

Youngstrom successfully landed 7.92 pounds of bass and kept them lively in the livewell he was required to have, but, unfortunately, returned to the scales late and was disqualified.

The Tuesday 3x9 Series remains open to the public through the entire 30-tournament series.

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