Tuesday Night Tournament winners

Area anglers Willie Vickers, left, and Billy Hirschman took first place and earned $1,780 in the Tuesday Night Tournament at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir.

There were 56 teams competing in the Tuesday Night Tournament this week at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir and the winning team was Willie Vickers-Billy Hirschman. 

The duo took home a first-place purse of $1,780, the largest winning total for the 2016 season.

The duo won with a three-fish bag weighing 10.71 pounds.

Second place went to Ken Chambers-Alex Chambers with three fish weighing 10.49 pounds and they earned $300. Third place went to Tom Yester-Jeff Vernon (9.34 pounds).

John Dulaney, of Harker Heights, and Brian Young, of Killeen, a perennial powerhouse in this weekly event sponsored by Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle, took fourth place (9.33).

Dulaney-Young entered this tourney once before this season and took first place.

The large turnout this past week pleased Dulaney.

“I’m glad to see the tournament is growing,” he said. “A lot of entries means those pots grow. As far as Brian and I feel, we say, ‘Bring it, the more the merrier.’”

In the decadelong history of the TNT, no team has won three weeks in a row.

“I think the reason for that is if you win twice in a row, some other boats start fishing around you,” Dulaney said. “That’s what makes it so tough to win three weeks in a row. If people know someone is catching fish, they’ll try that same area. You don’t always get to fish your spot, whether you found it or not.

“I do think that most of the guys out there are pretty respectful. The rules say you can’t get within a cast of someone, 25 yards, and if you’re anchored it’s even farther.

“But if you’re being surrounded you have to remember this: It means you’ve been winning some money.”

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