3X9 Tournament Sept. 1

Wendy Randolph, left, and Charlie Gantenbein placed second in Tuesday’s 3X9 Series bass tournament on Stillhouse Hollow Lake. They brought in 10.10 pounds of bass. The team of Craig Gilbert and Dexter Thompson won with a total of 12.34 pounds.

Courtesy | Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle

Although the worst of the wind and rainfall of Hurricane Harvey had passed by Central Texas by the time Tuesday night’s 3X9 Series tournament began, the stiff breeze and low pressure that remained still had to be dealt with.

Turning to deep water when local weather conditions get tough is a common angling strategy; the deep water seems to buffer the impact of such things as very high pressure, very low pressure, cold fronts, etc.

This strategy worked well for last week’s tournament victor, Craig Gilbert of Killeen. Last week he and his 12-year-old son, Dewayne, who substituted for his father’s regular partner, finished in front of the pack. This week, with his regular partner, Dexter Thompson, back on the boat, Gilbert’s team once again proved victorious.

Gilbert said he and Thompson were concerned about the weather when they first got on the water. They were able to locate shad, but could not find gamefish among these baitfish.

Just before dark, however, their luck changed for the better and they were able to put two of their winning three fish in the boat from out of deep water using slabs.

Said Gilbert: “At dark, they quit on the slab and that’s when we had to go with the Carolina rig to catch the rest of our fish.” The men rigged up with 5¼-inch long Zoom Super Flukes in Glimmer Blue color and caught the balance of their fish — five in all, including their third keeper — on this bait.

Gilbert and Thompson’s winning weight was 12.34 pounds. The second-place team of Charlie Gantenbein and Wendy Randolph weighed in 10.10 pounds of fish. The third place team of Kacy Henderson and Ervin Woodard weighed in 8.57 pounds of fish.

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