John Guerra, of Belton, and Fred Cosper, of Killeen, won the final Tuesday Night Tournament at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir with a three-fish bag weighing 8.82 pounds. The duo took “Big Bass” honors with a 4.01-pound catch.

“The key for us was fishing the vibrant green grass in about 25 feet of water,” Guerra said. “A lot of the grass is beginning to die and so the fish are migrating toward the greener vibrant grass.”

The duo got off to a solid start.

“We had two quality fish pretty quickly,” Guerra said. “Traditionally, in the evening, the fish bite at dusk. We culled a few fish and we stopped fishing and then went to other waters because we have an upcoming tournament in October — the end of the year championship — and we had to prepare for that.”

All those that have won a TNT this season — which is sponsored each week by Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle — are eligible for the Tournament of Champions, Oct. 10-11, with over $5,000 in purse money.

“When you have a tournament with $5,000 just ahead of you, you must start thinking ahead a little bit,” Guerra said. “So on Tuesday, we figured that since we had around 9 pounds, and it’s been taking about 6 pounds lately to win this event, we thought we had a good chance to win.”

Second place went to Erwin Woodard and Levi Green who had a three-fish bag weighing 6.07 pounds.

“Fred and I feel like we have a good chance to win the big tourney,” Guerra said. “I predict that it will take 21 to 23 pounds to win the two-day five-fish bag event.

“But I must say this: Tim Rake is a very good friend of mine who wins all the time. Look out for Tim Rake!”

Rake and his fishing partner Donnie Mathes have won the TNT five times this season.

“Tim and Donnie are both great fishermen and both are great guys,” Guerra said. “You’ve got a lot of great guys that are fishing in these tournaments for the love of fishing. We all want to win but it’s all about being blessed to be out there.”

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