3X9 Series tourney Sept. 12

A jubilant David Garrell hoists his 6.2-pound bass at the 3X9 Series bass tournament scales Tuesday evening at Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Garrell and his partner, Walter Kilpatrick weighed in only two fish, but took second place with a total weight of 9.5 pounds.

As the old saying goes, “Winds from the north, the fisherman goes not forth.”

As a persistent north wind continued over the area Tuesday evening, a reduced field of 36 two-man teams launched out of the Stillhouse Park boat ramp in a hunt for the heaviest three-bass limit they could muster.

North winds typically are accompanied by high pressure, clear and bright skies and light winds. These conditions just seem to stifle gamefish feeding behavior.

Under difficult conditions, the team of David Garrell and Walter Kilpatrick put together a 9½-pound sack of just two fish which was sufficient to earn them a second-place finish behind the top team of Craig Gilbert and Dexter Thompson who brought in 11.04 pounds.

Garrell and Kilpatrick’s limit was anchored by the contest’s single largest fish, a 6.2-pound largemouth.

Garrell reported fishing woody cover the entire evening in 3 to 10 feet of water with a square-billed crankbait. He and Kilpatrick, both Killeen natives, have been friends for over five years and have fished together over that span of time.

Garrell and Kilpatrick landed only four fish, weighing in the top two and releasing two others, as they were close to the legal minimum length of 14 inches.

Finishing in third place Tuesday was the team of Mike Nally and Jeremy Austin with a sack of fish weighing 8.37 pounds.

In all, 61 fish were weighed in with a cumulative weight of 136.87 pounds, thus yielding an average per-fish weight of 2.24 pounds.

With only two more Tuesday night contests remaining before the two-day championship event, the overall standings are as follows: in first place is Daniel and Adrian Barnes, in second place is Brian Young and John Dulaney, and in third place is Wade Golden and Steven Walker.

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