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Tirso Lopez (above) and his partner, Charles King, took this past Tuesday night’s win in the weekly  Tuesday Night 3X9 Series tournament on Stillhouse Lake. The pair used jigheads tipped with Senkos, crankbaits, and artificial frogs to put together their 14.50 pound catch.

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This past Tuesday evening, April 4th, 59 two-angler teams launched their boats as part of the Tuesday Night 3x9 Series, the fifth in a series of 30 Tuesday night events, each held on Stillhouse Hollow from March through September.

This week anglers faced a lake made 1.3 feet higher and, in the western end of the lake, more muddy, thanks to incoming flood waters coming down the Lampasas River from the storms which passed over central Texas on Sunday morning.

After weigh-in was complete, three teams emerged in the top three billets.

First place went to the team of Charles King and Tirso Lopez which weighed in 14.50 pounds. Second place went to the team of Adrian and Daniel Barnes which weighed in 12.77 pounds.

Third place went to the team of Kevin Stuart and Logan Drake which weighed in 12.13 pounds.

High school angler Zachary Wilson brought in the single largest bass of the contest which tipped the scales at 7.09 pounds.

When asked about their success, Charles King said he and his partner were picking up on post-spawn bass that had moved out to ledges.

Their go-to baits for these fish included Senko soft plastics fished on Shaky Head jigs and Strike King KVD crankbaits intended to dive to 15’.

The pair encountered a brief bout of schooling action between 7:30 – 8:00pm with a mixture of white bass and largemouth and used a SPRO Frog to catch the largemouth. This team avoided the silty water brought in by the recent rains.

With 5 of the 30 events now completed, last week’s leaders James Millsap and Jody Berger slipped back to second place, bumped out of first place by Adrian and Daniel Barnes.

Claim to third place overall now goes to Duane George and Robert Balades.

All 3X9 events are open to the public. Contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474 for information.

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