The perennial-power angling team of Donnie Mathes and Master Sgt. Tim Rake finished second in the Tuesday Night Tournament at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir with a three-fish bag of 5.04 pounds. The duo earned $150.

“We just fished the same locations we’ve been fishing the past few weeks,” Rake said. “We’ve been doing the same thing Tuesday after Tuesday and it seems to keeps working.”

The duo have five TNT wins this season and numerous second and third place finishes.

“Well, we both know the lake very well,” Rake said. “Donnie has been fishing it since the 1960s and I’ve fished it since the 1990s. We know our spots.

“On Tuesday, I wasn’t real confident we were in the money with 5 pounds. But, sometimes, that weight can win it.”

First place and “Big Bass” honors went to area anglers Gerald Poboril and David Stidham with a 9.62-pound bag. Their big bass weighed 4.95 pounds.

“Poboril is a really good fisherman and Stidham is good, too,” Rake said. “We’re all friends in this tournament, but most of the time we don’t talk too specific about where we were at or information like that after each week.”

The tournament is sponsored each week by Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle.

There were 20 teams that entered the TNT on Tuesday.

“It was windy,” Rake said. “That wind was really blowing where we were at. One hour into the tournament, the rain came in, it didn’t last long, maybe five or 10 minutes. Normally with a low pressure system, the fishing gets better. But I didn’t notice it getting any better.”

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