Donnie Mathes, left, and Master Sgt. Tim Rake finished second with five bass totaling 16.57 pounds Saturday at the 6th Annual Brigadier General Charles B. Allen Memorial Bass Tournament at Dana Peak Park in Harker Heights.

James Paul Stanley | Herald

The angling team of Donnie Mathes-Tim Rake will attempt to make history tonight.

The duo have won the Tuesday Night Tournament at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir the past two weeks.

No team in the history of this highly competitive event has ever pulled off the “three-peat,” three straight wins.

“I’ve only talked about it once this week with Tim,” said Mathes, a 30-year game warden on Fort Hood. “We’re not nervous. We would like to three-peat. I think we’re capable of doing it but there are a lot of good anglers out there.

“Some of the best fishermen in the area get out there on Tuesday nights and all it takes is one of them to get in the right spot and they’ll be able to catch them.”

The weekly tournament is sponsored by Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle.

“I want to win, of course,” Mathes said. “But if we can’t win I hope it’s one of my fishing buddies who wins it. I’m not rooting against anyone. I’ll be happy for whoever else wins.”

The Mathes-Rake team, as per tourney custom, will get a one-minute head-start advantage on the lake when the tourney begins at 6 p.m.

“We’ll go right to our spot,” Mathes said. “It’s not really a secret where Tim and I will go. We’ll be going to the exact same spot we went to last week. People can see where we’re at.”

This week, Mathes has enjoyed some good-natured ribbing from angling friends.

“It seems everybody has heard all about Tim and I going for the three-peat,” Mathes said. “We’ve been doing well as of late but that can sure change in a hurry.

“And you have to remember that no one has ever pulled off the three-peat for one very simple reason: It’s a very difficult thing to do.”

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