Tuesday Night 3X9 tourney

Jeremy Austin holds the single largest bass, shown right, of the 90 fished weighed in by participants during Tuesday’s 3X9 Series tournament. This fish weighed 8.44 pounds. The average weight for all fish caught during this event was 3.11 pounds.

Courtesy photo

On Tuesday evening, 53 two-angler teams launched out of Stillhouse Hollow Park, each in pursuit of the heaviest three-fish limit they could muster.

This event was the fourth in a series of 30 tournaments taking place each Tuesday night between March and September on Stillhouse Hollow. The event is called the Tuesday Night 3X9 Series — the 3X9 stands for ‘3 bass by 9 o’clock’.

On this particular evening, all anglers bucked a stiff, damp southwesterly wind gusting over 20 mph.

As the teams idled back through the no-wake zone to the tournament scales, the team of James Millsap and Jody Berger proved to be the leaders of the pack with a three-fish weight of 16.39 pounds. Second place went to Jeremy Austin and Rich Long. Austin brought in the single largest fish of the event with a bass weighing 8.44 pounds. Third place went to John Dulaney and Brian Young.

Berger and Millsap have fished the same area for all four events thus far.

This week, larger, pre-spawn fish showed up.  

The fish they caught came off of a mix of windblown hydrilla and wood probed with Carolina rigs in 8-15 feet of water. Their new Ultrex trolling motor helped them stay in position as they worked these rigs in the high winds.

With four of the 30 events now completed, the overall leaders are James Millsap and Jody Berger in first place, followed by Adrian and Daniel Barnes in second place, and Randy Fleeman and Chris Miller in third place.

All 3X9 events are open to the public. A $10 annual membership qualifies each member of each two-angler team to participate, and a $50 per team per event entry fee applies as well. Contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474 for more information.

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