Ronnie Reinhardt caught a 6.99-pound largemouth during the final regular season 3x9 Series tournament on Stillhouse Lake on Tuesday. The fish anchored the sack landed by Reinhardt and his partner Rodney Thompson, helping the pair tie for third place.

The last of 29 pre-championship bass tournaments in the 3x9 Series, which have taken place weekly since March, was fished Tuesday on Stillhouse Lake with 35 teams taking part.

The winningest team of the 2017 season, Daniel and Adrian Barnes, finished the series in style with yet another first-place showing with 9.43 pounds of fish.

Second place went to the team of Garret Hennig and Jereme Hosch with 9.11 pounds, including a 5.51-pound bass. Third place ended in a tie and went to both the team of Jeremy Austin and Mike Nally and the team of Rodney Thompson and Ronnie Reinhardt with identical weights of 8.84 pounds.

Thompson and Reinhardt’s sack was anchored by the event’s biggest fish, weighing 6.99 pounds. The outsized fish was duped in less than a foot of water as Reinhardt tossed a Zoom soft plastic on a Texas rig near both hydrilla and deep water.

The championship event, initially slated for two days, has been reduced to one day as a courtesy to other fishing organizations using the same lake that weekend. The final tournament will take place from safe light through 3 p.m. on Sept. 30 on Stillhouse Lake.

To qualify for the event, teams simply need to have fished a minimum of 15 of the 29 pre-championship events.

A $4,000 prize will be awarded to the first-place team, and the tournament will pay out to at least the 11th place team.

Special cash awards will go to the tournament’s largest fish, as well as for the largest single fish caught over the 30-tournament season. Likewise, a cash prize will also be awarded for the single largest three-fish sack landed over the 30-tournament season.

The public is welcome to view the weigh-in, beginning at 3 p.m. in the parking lot above Stillhouse Marina

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