With a spray of water, 3x9 Series angler Jeremy Austin removes one of his largemouth bass from his weigh-in bag before placing it on the tournament scales. Austin and his partner, Mike Nally, finished in seventh place this week. The winning team landed 12.38 pounds of fish.

Forty-four teams toughed the mid-August heat Tuesday evening in pursuit of a three-bass limit in the 24th of 30 scheduled 3x9 Series bass tournaments held each week from March through September on Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

No strangers to bass tournament victories, “The Coaches” — coach John Dulaney, of Harker Heights High School, and coach Brian Young, of Union Grove Middle School, finished at the front of the pack this week.

Dulaney and Young put three fish weighing 12.38 pounds on the scale to take the win and take home a check for $1,335. Included in the catch was the tournament’s largest fish, weighing 5.29 pounds.

Several times during this series, the team landing the biggest fish has also taken first place — one of the characteristics of a three-fish limit tournament format.

Second place went to the team of Dexter Thompson and Craig Gilbert with a weight of 9.69 pounds. Third place went to the team of Ervin Woodward and Kacey Henderson with 9.48 pounds.

When asked how the heat impacted the fishing, Dulaney said he felt that fish are using all levels of the water, with some fish up shallow in the matted vegetation using the shade and other fish in deep water escaping the direct sun but still near cover.

Dulaney and Young moved around quite a bit, not finding quality fish until visiting their fourth spot of the evening.

They alternated between using Texas rigs and Carolina rigs, fishing water as deep as 20-25 feet to put together their winning sack.

The six remaining contests in the 3x9 Series are all open to the public, including boaters and nonboaters.

For more information, contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474.

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