3X9 Series Brian Pittman

Brian Pittman, shown, and his teenage son Preston put 10.82 pounds of bass on the scales in this week's tough 3X9 Series bass tournament Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Sixty-one teams brought only 83 fish to the weigh-in.

Due to the Independence Day holiday falling on Tuesday, 3X9 Series organizers pushed this week’s event, the 18th of 30, to Thursday. Sixty-one teams participated and weighed in a total of only 83 fish.

The hot afternoon conditions hindered success as fewer than half of the 61 teams weighed in any fish at all. Unhindered, however, was the team of Rodney Thompson and Ronnie Reinhardt, who have fished together for over 20 years.  

This pair not only put three legal fish in the boat, but beat the rest of the field as they did so with a weight of 12.56 pounds, anchored by the contest’s big bass which tipped the scales at 8.08 pounds.

According to Thompson, part owner of Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle, and Reinhardt, part owner of RRR Auto Salvage in Killeen, the key was moving to the fish. The team never caught more than one fish at any of the areas they fished. 

“Our fish came in about 20 feet of water on the grass edge," said Thompson, referring to fishing hydrilla. The pair fished shaky head jigs with home-made soft plastics to land their winning catch.

The team of Dexter Thompson and Craig Gilbert placed second with a weight of 12.02 pounds. The team of Wade Golden and Steven Walker placed third with three fish weighing 11.60 pounds.

This week saw a swap in the year-to-date standings at the second- and third-place tiers with Adrian and Daniel Barnes in first place, Floyd and Vickie Lesiker in second place, and James Millsap and Jody Berger now in third place.

A dozen Tuesday night bouts remain to be fished, and all events are open to the public.  Contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474 for more information.

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